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What phenomena of memory exist?

Memory - one of mental functions, the type of cerebration intended to keep, accumulate and reproduce information. Almost all know about memory, but find it difficult to explain what is it. Memory shares

on touch, short-term and long-term. It on temporary factors. And also on figurative, emotional, verbally - logical, implicit and explicit.

Figurative are the apprehended vital phenomena and objects, emotional - keeps feelings, verbally - logical it is inherent only in the person, implicit - unconscious storing, explicit - what we remember consciously.

The huge attention is paid to so-called “working memory“. It is information volume which all use in everyday life, developing by selective attention. For example, if you the artist, then store images and paints in memory and if the architect - that the necessary drawings and design projects of facades.

a phenomenon of memory is the organization prichinno - investigative communications between reflexes and behavior, the biological determinism proved by great Pavlov. Each person can check on himself this phenomenon. Present orange, and at once in a mouth taste of sweet orange will appear. Pleasantly?

The second the memory phenomenon - registers everything, but is reproduced only partially, selectively. Psychologists claim that the person remembers all met in life: smells, sounds, situations, figures, people etc. Under hypnosis it can reproduce it.

The third the phenomenon is a deja vu and zhamevyu. The first - already seen, the second - not seen never. And a deja vu, and zhamevyu psychiatrists carry to mental disorders, it as schizophrenia or organic psychosis though researches confirm that the deja vu was tested at least once in life of 97 percent of people.

The fourth - the human brain can remember 10 20 information bit. Such number of data do not contain even the largest libraries of the world.

The fifth - brain physical exercises. It is unique charging which is carried out by memory process. At first assimilation, then preservation in short-term memory, later sorting and only then preservation in long-term memory. Here such simple functions are regularly carried out by memory of everyone.

Of course, it is necessary to tell also about memory training. For a start this pronunciation, the known method of the learning, telling learned several times to itself. Then - recording or drawing up the abstract or a crib. In general, it is useful to write cribs, when copying material in a crib there is a systematization and saving information. And the last - a mnemonic, or associative way of training. Loss for words, images, figures or concepts (it is better amusing) to words for the subsequent storing and fixing are for this purpose. This way is often used by spies. It is simple and effective.

Thus, one may say, that our memory, on the one hand, very simple mental process, with another - extraordinary difficult what tell five interesting phenomena about.