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How to improve quality of a dream?

how the good dream is important, are very well known by the one who often suffers from its absence. Easy morning awakening, cheerfulness and good mood unless only dreams such people. If it about you - not everything is lost. Observance of several recommendations will help to correct a situation.

the Bed rest

to fill up quickly, but not to turn in a bed till the morning, try to go to bed at the same time. The best dream is what begins till midnight. If you inveterate “owl“, then and to you transition to regime of “lark“ does good. Remember that for good rest the person needs 6 - 8 hours of a dream. Begin to lay down and get up for half an hour earlier, than before, every day approaching the planned time, and in few weeks you will see that changes were pleasant to your organism.

Mattresses and pillows … - girlfriends?

the Important factor in Morpheus`s kingdom is on what we sleep. It is not so simple to pick up a good mattress and pillows. If you have problems with a backbone, then without consultation of the orthopedist it is better not to hurry with purchase at all. Any decent specialized shop will explain to you that even size, the texture and a form of a pillow can play an important role in your health.

the Dream - in a hand, air - in a window leaf

do not scorn an old good advice to air the room before going to bed. Oxygen is necessary for our brain and is an irreplaceable power source for an organism. The fresh air purified of the harmful evaporations and smells which collected for the whole day will provide good feed with oxygen that will perfectly affect your state in the morning.

the Evening heat

the Heat bath or a shower before going to bed, will clear a body and will remove stress. Not for nothing such importance was since ancient times attached to water procedures. It is possible to make from this the whole ritual. Taking a shower, present that water, getting on skin, gets through it, clearing the head and a body of unnecessary thoughts and emotions, of the negative which is saved up in a day. And in such crystal-clear state go to sleep. Forgive to

, caffeine

of the Problem with a dream often accompany fans of coffee and strong tea. The matter is that caffeine causes the state very similar to a condition of alarm. If you have problems with a dream, then it is better to refuse the use of the drinks supporting him in general. That better it was fallen down, it is possible to drink a glass of warm milk with honey, extract of a pustyrnik or a valerian.

the Aromatherapy

Some aromas can become excellent assistants on the way to a blissful dream. The aromalamp can get, to make a pillow with herbs or just to drip several drops of lavender oil on a handkerchief. Good night rest is promoted by hop, a geranium, needles, mint, juniper branches, a melissa and a camomile.


our enemies can become also our dreams. Nightmares, unpleasant plots from life, the confused labyrinths of events - all this causes exhaustion in the mornings. To get rid of persuasive dreams, try to understand them. Analyse plots, pay special attention to those from them which repeatedly repeat. Do not forget that thus in our consciousness the voice of unconscious breaks. With what events and people from real life your dreams are associated at you? To what problem they try to pay your attention? As soon as you understand the ciphered message, your dreams will cease to disturb you.

Freedom from the notions of compulsion

is frequent

to us quite real problems do not allow to fall asleep. Well, the best way to get rid of sleeplessness in this case will be a solution of these problems. If it is not possible to make it in a minute, give yourself the mental instruction in style of “Gone with the Wind“: “I will think of it tomorrow“. Also try to replace heavy thoughts with pleasant thoughts and dreams.

the Movement - … a dream!

Moderate physical activities in 4 - 6 hours prior to a dream will help you to get rid of a stress, and their invigorating effect will end in several hours after classes. Activity will be succeeded by pleasant relaxation which will promote fast falling asleep.

Already being in a bed, it is possible to use the technology of relaxation called in yoga of ShAVASANA or a pose of the dead person. It is necessary to lay down on a back and, beginning from toes, to weaken serially all parts of a body up to the head and hair. Repeat mentally: “Finger-tips and feet relax“, - and you watch how heat and weight fill them. After that you pass to calves and so on. Deep relaxation will provide you a good dream.

Quality of a dream depends on many factors, but also itself health, health and efficiency is very important link in your physical and psychological. Elimination of problems of a dream will help you to find force and harmony. Good night!