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As not - to become the Jew the Citizen of Israel

Israel - the national state of the Jewish people, but not all his citizens - Jews across Galakhe. The Israeli legislation provides some cases when nationality of the state of Israel is provided not - to the Jew.

For some of those who have no Jewish roots or not them can prove, eat possibilities of obtaining nationality in Israel.

According to the Israeli legislation citizenship can be obtained on the basis:

• Law “About Repatriation“ (Law “About Return“);

• births;

• birth and accommodation;

• adoptions;

• naturalizations;

• nationality grants.

Nationality for falling under operation of the law on Return

Can be repatriated and obtain citizenship:

close relatives of Jews: spouses of Jews, children of Jews and their spouses, grandsons of Jews and their spouse. For receiving the right for repatriation and obtaining nationality it is necessary to submit the documents confirming the marriage with the Jew concluded earlier than procedure of repatriation

of the widow of Jews is begun if they after death of the spouse - the Jew were in marriage with - the Jew

Citizenship of Israel on the birth

the been born child obtains the Israeli citizenship if: he was born

in the territory of Israel, and at least one of parents at the time of his birth was the Israeli citizen

he was born NOT in the territory of Israel, but at least one of parents at the time of the birth was a citizen of Israel. he was born

after death of one of parents, and that parent who died was a citizen of Israel.

Citizenship of Israel on the birth and accommodation

the Child (minor) if he lives in Israel with parents on legal grounds, obtains citizenship together with parents on the basis of naturalization procedure.

Citizenship of Israel on adoption

the Child has chances to become the citizen of Israel if he was adopted by the Jew or the son of the Jew (but not the grandson of the Jew) if he was adopted in compliance with the law of adoption of children when his father or mother were citizens of Israel.

Members of families of the Jew - not - Jews who do not fall on operation of the Law on return can obtain the Israeli citizenship by naturalization

the Law on citizenship of Israel an opportunity for some persons provides quite difficult procedure of gradual entry into the status of the citizen of Israel which is called “Naturalization“.

This procedure at which it is necessary, but is not enough that the one who asks the Israeli nationality corresponded to a number of criteria - formal requirements. Each request for naturalization is reviewed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel, and exactly there is solved, and is very subjective whether the applicant of to become the citizen of Israel is worthy.

the Most part, requesting obtaining citizenship of Israel by naturalization, is spouses of citizens of Israel. They undergo so-called “step procedure“ of granting nationality by naturalization which purpose is check of sincerity of plans of this couple to form a family and to live in Israel. Procedure duration - several years.

Formal conditions for the address with prosboyo obtaining citizenship of Israel by naturalization:

full-time residence in Israel on legal grounds

desire to locate and live in Israel that it is necessary to confirm with existence of the income, housing, property and other evidence of “rooting“ - full-time residence;

possession, at least some, Hebrew (the legislation does not regulate level of proficiency)

stay in Israel at the time of the address with a request for granting nationality,

But even if all these conditions are met, is not present guarantees for obtaining the Israeli nationality. There is an opportunity to apply for this status.

It is necessary not only to convince correctly prepared documents, but also all the way of life of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the applicant in fact is a citizen of Israel (it is interested in life of the state of Israel, in his belief, traditions, holidays etc.)

Nationality will be provided to the applicant if the state represented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs considers the bases for acceptance it in number of the citizens sufficient and convincing. Moreover - the applicant can be exempted in certain cases from part of formalities and nationality can be granted.

can obtain the Granted citizenship the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel if:

• are asked by parents for the minor inhabitant;

• the person brought essential benefit to the state of Israel.

As there are absolutely a lot of cases when the Ministry of Internal Affairs refuses citizenship of Israel, it is necessary to treat process of preparation of documents and the subsequent interaction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs very attentively, and taking into account existence of a large number of subtleties and nuances, it is better by means of the qualified lawyers.