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What can be prepared from a nettle?

know everything About a nettle, but use useful properties of this plant in the life the few. The nettle grows everywhere where damp and there is a shadow. It is not necessary to look after her, it is not necessary to treat for diseases, it is not necessary to be afraid that somebody will break a nettle without your permission.

our ancestors were respectful to a nettle. Was considered that it protects the house from a malefice. Bunches of a nettle hanged out on all house and even spun from it rugs.

The nettle dvudomny (medicinal) is a perennial grassy plant 60-150 cm high. The stalk and leaves are covered with burning hairs. Flowers same-sex, plant dvudomny. Both species of flowers are collected in ear rings. Grows on damp, marshy soils.

In the spring a nettle - one of the most useful plants, and on our table it a desired and necessary source of vitamins. Let`s try to fill up the reserve of vitamins and mineral substances dissipated during the winter by means of this unpretentious plant.

My family very much loves salad from a nettle. There is nothing more simply. Cook 2-3 hard boiled eggs, cut nettle leaves, (previously wash them also to a problanshiruyta within 3-5 minutes). Mix the cut nettle leaves with slices of boiled egg, salt, dress with sour cream or mayonnaise.

It is possible to make nettle and spinach salad. Wash young leaves and tops of a nettle, mix with chopped onions and a potolkita in a wooden mortar. Add small cut crude spinach, parsley greens, vegetable oil, lemon juice and salt. Lay out in a salad bowl a hill and decorate with small cut segments of hard-boiled eggs.

In Bulgaria from a nettle prepare a dish under the name a yakhniya . It is simple to Yakhny to prepare too.

Wash a nettle, drench with boiled water and you cook in the added some salt water to readiness. Fry small cut onions till golden color in vegetable oil, add the nettle wiped through a sieve, and you extinguish the received weight before solidification. Before giving on a table strew a ready dish with grated walnuts.

can cook soup from a nettle. Put potatoes (2 tubers) cut in cubes in meat broth and you cook to a ready state. Then take small crushed young leaves of a nettle, a medunitsa and a sorrel and add to soup then wait 1-2 minutes while prokipit, and remove from fire. Soup can be filled with sour cream and to strew with green onions and fennel. Salt, pepper - to taste.

And, of course, it is necessary to prepare from a nettle Russian cabbage soup while it is young. The nettle is blanched, wiped through a sieve and extinguished 10-15 minutes. In meat broth put onions, carrots, green peas, a stewed nettle and cook 20-25 more minutes. At the end of cooking add browned flour, bay leaf, pepper. On a table give Russian cabbage soup with boiled egg and sour cream.

It is not enough who knows that the nettle can be made sour. Young escapes of a plant are washed and stacked in the enameled pan together with carrots, apples, cowberry or a cranberry, caraway seeds, bay leaf, pepper and salt. Then impose oppression. In two weeks the fermented nettle can be used for preparation of Russian cabbage soup, borsches and also as seasoning to meat and fish dishes.

The nettle is used not only in cookery, but also in traditional medicine and cosmetology. But about it is in the following article.