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How to equip the life?

the Majority of us are regularly set by the mass of questions. How to begin new life? How to begin successful - to learn to be in time everywhere? How to attract good luck in the life? The list can be continued long. The uniting question: how to achieve the objectives? As to reach it? is not present

of the answer, Identical to all, to this question as two absolutely identical people are absent. Just does not exist in the nature. When we see potentially “successful“ person at whom and the house with car, both excellent work, and a family, involuntarily we wonder: in what, actually, the recipe of such success? Whether there is a scheme, a certain general algorithm of happy life?

There is no such scheme, alas. And in general no plans and schemes in the Universe happen. There are only actions and their consequences. In other words, prichinno - investigative communications. And regularities. But to learn to understand these regularities, the person needs to pass a life long way. Everything is comprehended over time.

From this it follows that time is a certain main value. Therefore the first condition of success is ability to dispose competently of the time. Only having learned to plan the life beforehand (per day, month, year etc.) we will be able to make out “steps“ on which there is our ascension to success. And also we will learn to see prichinno - investigative communications which are between these “steps“.

Useful will be to understand the priorities also. Namely to understand: that the main thing, and that - minor. Many people spend energy and health for things, absolutely unnecessary for them, and then complain how it them managed to miss that main thing on what it was necessary to concentrate first of all. It is necessary to build own hierarchy of values.

When we will understand, at last, that for us is main, we will be able to see also approximate ways of achievement of goals. Anything can be these purposes: beautiful house or promotion, big family or distant travel. Or all together. But it is necessary to consider that all comes true only in fairy tales also at once. You should not force events. Otherwise it is possible to stumble somewhere on one of “steps“ and painfully to hit. And even to roll down in the bottom.

Let`s rejoice to small. When we already reached something (on the big way), we have to rejoice sincerely both for ourselves, and for people who were near. It is excellent incentive to increase of own motivation. We have to rejoice even to those things which, in our opinion, are not of great importance. If you have a bright smile - perfectly if you the good story-teller - it is remarkable if you know how to cook tasty - it is plus too. Try to see pleasant trifles. Long ago it is known that all life …

of One motivation, of course, insufficiently also consists of trifles. It is necessary to work. And if our purposes are very global, then and actions have to be such zhemasshtab. But I will repeat: it is necessary to begin with small. Let`s say someone from us is going to learn English. For this purpose he saves up money for courses, inquires about different schools. It will be useful for such person to get the corresponding acquaintances, and also to sit evening - another with the textbook and to remember what he learned earlier. Perhaps, he will understand that language is not its fad, and will change the mind.

Perhaps, opposite: will achieve excellent results for short term. Everything depends on motivation, earlier gained knowledge, and also degree of need to learn this language. And, certainly, this person should not go in cycles. It for certain has a family which needs to find time, work where he is appreciated as the excellent expert, and also the mass of other duties. It is easily possible to learn to combine different types of activity.

Summarizing told above, I will allocate the first conditions of the correct actions: it is the correct motivation, work with time, and also ability to appreciate the smallest progress which we reach on our long way. For the rest success is achieved by own diligence and depends on concrete spheres of life in which this diligence is applied.