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How to find well paid work without experience?

Today, one of the most actual problems at youth are job search after the termination of institute or college. Life as you know, now not cheap, and without experience hire only “for kopeks“. As to be to graduates of educational institutions?

Young specialists do not want to work for 6000 - 10000 rubles. It also is clear. If to count expenses of young people, even on a minimum, the sum leaves rather big. Here also young specialists should work not on a profile. Today, as you know, it is possible to meet easily the security guard or the seller with the higher education moreover and with the diploma with honors. And because without without experience well paid work to find all very difficult. In our country, unfortunately, it is possible to get after institute well paid work (in most cases) only on protection.

Here also it turns out that if you have no acquaintances who will help you to get well paid work without experience, then and it does not make sense to get higher education? And how many you will spend money for education in 5 years of study at institute? So it turns out if the person has no acquaintances, then and you should not enter the institute? In general that an exit is. Just to earn an experience, it is necessary, at least year, to work for these most 6000 - 10000 rubles. But this money, to put it mildly, whether will be enough for more less normal life. Yes, it is. But if to look at it on the other hand? The person five years every day goes to institute, spends considerable money for the education, and a year more after institute to work for a small salary to accumulate experience and nobody wants to come for worthy earnings? But as it is known without effort you will not catch also a small fish from a pond so a conclusion here one: our modern youth (in the majority) just does not want to try and achieve results to live adequately. Here and I have many acquaintances who after the termination of institute, work not on a profile at all, and for a question why you then graduated from the institute, many answer that (for example) in the country there is already a lot of lawyers or economists and itself can simply not find well paid work, and for kopeks they do not want to work. Here also leaves that the simple security guard or the seller works with the higher education, and often and with two (though for work as the security guard or seller education is not required at all), and on senior positions, on a high salary, someone`s children or relatives who that graduated from institute which - as, often not without the aid of the relatives, not understanding sense of the work at all sit, and educated people are forced to work where it is necessary.

So as a result it turns out what in Russia to the mother without communications anywhere? But if not to be lazy and all - to force itself to work it is possible to achieve everything a little. And in the future your children not to face an employment problem after the termination of educational institution, they will have familiar relatives working in the perspective company who will always help the child.