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Where god-send?

Annually in Uzbekistan Fund the Forum together with the Center of youth initiatives “Kelazhak of an ovoza“ (“A future voice“) under Gulnara Karimova`s patronage carries out an action of “We - One Team“. The essence is in that, having visited all country to increase social activity of youth, supporting its initiatives, to acquaint and attract to projects of Fund of the Forum, and also to establish productive cooperation with the local organizations and establishments. This year the action will take place from March 27 to April 18.

last year organizers invited me to take part in illumination of the project, at the same time to get acquainted with the country. Before departure to admit honestly, in me there were skeptical moods concerning as far as all this will be practical in youth life whether all this is necessary him. On the way to the first city on our way, to Gulistan when I heard how organizers of an action seriously speak about possible quantity visited actions, and also about such things as employment of youth, various round tables on subjects on which the future of the country and other things which slightly gave so-called “scoop“ will depend in essence, could not restrain from sneers. Everything that I had to do in that long tour is just to cover actions and events within an action.

I admit at once, practically all my scepticism dissipated as fog over water when I became the witness of that how many students of higher education institutions and colleges attended an action. To be convinced of authenticity of their interest I approached children with the same question: “Actually all this is interesting to you or you your dean or the rector forced to be here?“. In most cases their interest in what occurred during an action was real. Only in rare instances I had to hear that someone forced to be under the pretext of assignment here, and otherwise if there was no this so-called “oppression“, these people would leave home and rested against the lying way of life which will make them similar to lazy pigs over time. Having drawn conclusions, I understood that in general a little what also the best is interesting to such people on life on what they are capable, - to smoke cigarettes near an entrance, arguing on all possible and impossible sorrows of a hard sudbinushka of provincial inhabitants.

In conversation with some young people I found out that often actions which the Fund holds the Forum on the periphery it is one of the few useful entertainments in their cities. They did not begin to be let in criticism of local structures which could be responsible for holdings various concerts, events and all similar, entertaining and useful that is available in the large cities. Well, and I did not begin to insist not to spoil that festive spirit which the children interrogated by me found during an action.

It would be desirable to tell of actions which are expected this year within an action in more detail. According to a proverb “the doctrine - light, and a neuchenye - darkness“ on the first place - educational actions among which there will take place intellectual tournaments of Dilemma debating club, a job fair, various trainings on language pairs as a result of which selection for participation in large actions of Fund of the Forum, and also seminars on culture of employment will be made. What is interesting, the percent of the young people who are carried extremely away by study and the estimates strongly concedes to percent of people who come at own will to add to the experience and to find new hobbies.

Except educational actions, within an action sports are carried out: charitable soccer and a marathon which are united by the general name “For the sake of Life!“. Why “charitable“ and “For the sake of life“? Means which will be received from these projects will go for fight against a breast cancer. Everything is quite fair. You participate in a marathon, buy a t-shirt and run - consider, enclosed the contribution in fight against an awful illness.

In each city on the end of actions the concert with participation of entertainment stars and organizers of an action is usually held. I will not tell lies if I tell that practically each comer on this concert is a potential person interested to warm up the bones under favourite domestic music, the fan which I am not but also their tastes I am not going to fray about a grater of the customs.

It is possible to refer selection rounds on Asian Cyber Games to innovations of this year. The official site of Fund of the Forum says that “as a prize the permit for participation the final which will take place from June 29 to July 6, 2013 in the city of Incheon (Republic of Korea) under patronage of the Olympic council of Asia and National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan is played“. Than not pleasure for fans of computer games?

In general, action very positively influences young people. They say that there would be similar actions more - it would be far better. You will not argue with it, eventually. I too so consider.