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What should not be done, making tea?

you love tea? You are able to make correctly it and to use? Then this article not for you. I want to talk about mistakes which some of us make, trying to make this tasty and useful drink.

Tea, undoubtedly, is useful to an organism. Green and black tea contain group of antioxidants - catechins. They “resist“ in our organism to free radicals - unstable molecules which attack cages and damage important cellular organelles. Tea antioxidants interfere with destructive work of free radicals and come out from this fight by winners.

And you reflected sometime what tea, except advantage, can do also harm if it is wrong to make and use it? In ancient Chinese tea culture view about harm of tea at its incorrect use was formulated. It is stated in ten tea bans.

It is impossible to make tea long. If tea tea leaves are drawn too long, then essential oils and polyphenols begin to be oxidized, tea loses the transparency, tastes and aroma. Medical influence of tea due to oxidation of vitamins C and P which contain in it decreases. Besides, when tea stays long time in heat, it becomes the favorable environment for reproduction of different types of bacteria. Such tea to a vprikusk with bacteria will obviously not add health!

It is impossible to make tea repeatedly. Usually later the second - the third tea leaves the tea leaf does not contain enough useful substances any more. It was experimentally shown that at the first tea leaves in solution about a half of useful substances is extracted, at the second - about another 35%, at the third - is less than 10%. If to continue to use tea leaves, in solution harmful components because they “leave“ tea leaves in the last turn will begin to leave.

Not to drink the burning tea. it is clear that too hot tea irritates a throat, a gullet and a stomach. If it is long to use obzhigayushche hot tea, then in the listed bodies painful changes begin. According to the physicians who were engaged in studying of this problem in the different countries, the continuous use of tea at a temperature over 60 degrees leads to increase of vulnerability of walls of a stomach and can be the cause of his diseases. According to their recommendation, temperature of tea should not exceed 55 degrees.

Not to drink cold tea. If the drunk warm or hot tea put to an organism heart, clear up consciousness, do sight more sharply, eyes are more sharp-sighted, then cold tea has unpleasant side effects. At its use in a body stagnation of a phlegm and cold is observed.

Not to drink very strong tea. High concentration of tannin and caffeine can cause sleeplessness and a headache.

Not to drink tea before food. If you do not listen to this ban, couple of cups of tea before a lunch will lead to saliva fluidifying. The lunch will seem tasteless, assimilation by your gastrointestinal tract of a protein at the same time can decrease. If you want to zaglotnut a seagull before meal, then it is better to make it for half an hour to food.

Not to drink tea right after food. As you, probably, know, any drink (including tea) right after food leads to decrease in concentration of gastric juice, delay of digestion and violation of work of all gastrointestinal tract. If you want to enjoy fragrant tea, wait hour or so …

not to drink tea next the heart. Chinese believed when the person drinks tea on a lean stomach, “the cold nature of tea“, getting inside, can cool a spleen and a stomach.

Not to wash down with tea of drugs. the Tannins dissolved in tea, being split, emit tannin. Presence of this substance is the reason of a deposit which give many drugs, at the same time they are worse acquired. Chinese truly noticed that tea destroys drugs.

Not to drink yesterday`s tea. the Tea which staid several hours quickly loses vitamins and other useful substances. But such tea quite will be suitable as external means for the medical purposes. Daily tea is rich with various acids and fluorine. These substances well stop bleeding from capillaries. Such tea well will approach to rinse a mouth, to appease pains in language at an inflammation of an oral cavity, the bleeding gums. They can wipe the damaged and inflamed skin sites. Washout of an eye yesterday`s tea, you can reduce gripes in eyes at emergence of red capillaries on an eyeball.

I would like to finish article with a fragment from Natalya Kolopenyuk`s poem “The ode to tea“:

From century to century there was an eternity, and tea, living on slopes of mountains,
Incorporated rains and winds, getting with them into conversation.
Shone the moon and a yarila and sent to tea the hi,
B it all knowledge enclosed that they were apprehended by the person!

of tea drinking Pleasant to you!