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If neighbors smoke and litter … (personal experience of communication)

When we moved to live on the new apartment, then, first, everything was very good … and so was years 3. But then, the floor below, there was a new family and “troubles“ began. They smoked and smoked at us on the floor. Well it is clear that the smoke did not go to them to the apartment and the stubs they were not accustomed to collect, in general. In the summer, they threw out them on an entrance peak and when began to become cold, everything appeared at an entrance on a floor once.
at me started panic Anew, cannot live in dirt, just purely physically... there was a classical Russian question: “ what to do? “ Having thought, I understood that to quarrel with young and tall neighbors “the last business“, especially I have a small child, and the husband constantly in business trips.
Just the husband of the house was not and to directly sort out the relations I, frankly speaking, was afraid therefore I decided to act with “a silent sap“.
For a start bought a broom and swept the platform (as the psychologist, I know that it is morally more difficult to litter the pure place, and in dirty “not to see one more piece of paper“). But did not follow reaction any, in sense: stubs lay on a floor again.
in the Evening, passing by the smoking company, casually noticed: “that did not choke yet?“ I was answered “no“, but the window leaf was opened.
swept Again and put “bull-calves“ in a can from - under green peas... Several times I went to air when the smell passed through a keyhole. Once it was seen by that smoking neighbor, we greeted, but “on this subject amicably kept silent“.
Swept still few times … passed day 3 … and hurrah! The first small victory was won - on a floor it became pure (stubs were in the bank), and the window leaf was slightly opened... but to rejoice was early - in 2 days of bank it was crowded and stubs lay again both on a window sill, and on a floor.
Swept once again, from banks threw out garbage and again put everything on a window sill … the People probably began to understand
that I want from it. Stubs began to put in bank, and I still few times threw out them in a refuse chute.
Then occurred one more small miracle - bank “was cleared itself“ … it “itself was updated by
In several days“ - became less than the size.
went Days and now it already “was regularly cleared“ and “updated“.
as a result, somewhere in 2 - 3 weeks, at us on the platform was pure again, and after “smoke breaks“ the entrance “itself“ and was aired. On a window sill the real metal ashtray « “lodged“; with a claim for elegance “
Somehow in the evening, after the next meeting of residents on the first floor (on change of the elevator), all of us together rose upward and “the smoking neighbors from below“ asked mine: “you delivered it to us to bank?“ Did not begin to hide, in it did not see sense and I it not under a door put stubs though at work and it advised me, but could not - is brought not so up.
told Me “thanks“ and asked: “and you noticed that we open a window leaf now and at once we air?“ Now I told them “thanks“. I will not tell
that since then we are on friendly terms and constantly we communicate, but the relations with neighbors at us normal, and on a landing it is pure.
of PS: since then passed years 8 or already 9 - definitely I do not remember