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What was the capital of Ukraine famous for? About the “Kiev“ cake

in the middle of 70 - x years of the last century the train “Kiev-Moscow“ arriving to the Kiev station of the capital had one distinctive feature. Most of passengers is careful as on parade, carried round boxes with Kiev cake in hands. In the people this train witty nicknamed “tortovozy“.

Soon as soon as was available for sale, this cake won huge popularity among the population. Any guest of the capital of Ukraine dreamed to bring home as the best souvenir a treasured box with cake. But not all managed it. Cakes were available for free sale very seldom, and behind them huge turns were built at once. Some buyers knew places where it was possible to buy cake from - under a counter without any turn, but for a certain bribe.

History of emergence of Kiev cake is interesting .

Once on confectionery of Karl Marx there was a state of emergency. Confectioners forgot to clean for the night egg whites in the freezer. Next morning the chief of biscuit shop Konstantin Petrenko found this disgrace. To avoid scandal, it by means of the young employee decided to model cake from proteinaceous cake layers with cream, powdered cake a vanilla crumb, and the top decorated with cream florets. It turned out beautifully, and when tasting cake was surprisingly tasty. So incidentally Kiev cake was born. There was it in 1965. It became the hallmark of the capital of Ukraine for many years.

In Soviet period specialty Kiev cake was baked on confectionery of K. Marx, but the Kiev bread-baking complex also quickly mastered release of popular sweet production. The difference between two cakes was that cake from “Karlamarl“ was baked with big care and love and had a personal logo of the master, and hlebokombinatovskiya looked simpler, simple.

Very much loved the Kiev cake party and statesmen of the USSR. So, cakes were regularly delivered from Kiev for the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev and for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Andreevich Gromyko. By the way, especially for 70 - summer anniversary of L. I. Brezhnev confectioners of factory of K. Marx in 1976 modeled three-storied “Kiev“ which consisted of 70 cake layers and weighed about 5 kilograms! It was the best advertizing for favourite cake.

Kiev residents of the senior generation claim that present Kiev cake differs from the initial version as the sky from the earth. What`s the matter? Originally for preparation of cake nuts of cashew which were delivered to the Soviet Union from friendly India were used. Through some time the stream of cheap Indian nuts ran low. It was unprofitable to buy exotic nuts in other camps, then they were decided to be replaced with a domestic filbert. The filbert appeared too it is too expensive for a bread-baking complex, and it was replaced with a cheap peanut. Only “ancestor“ of Kiev cake - confectionery of K. Marx, held on like grim death, letting out cakes with hazelnut.

The following changes in a compounding of cake happened upon the demand of public health service. Egg cream was replaced on heavy slivochno - oil. When the period of reorganization began and the economic situation of the country worsened, began to add cheap vegetable fats to this cream. The candied fruits applied to decoration of a surface of cake replaced with jelly. Instead of powder of cocoa began to use a grated peel of beans of cocoa.

Also the design of packing was changed. On an original box there was an image of the pedestrian bridge conducting with the Hem on the island Trukhanov. The new box is decorated by leaves of chestnuts. Now Kiev cake is baked practically by all bread-baking complexes of the city. It can be bought in any supermarket without turn.

Perhaps, the best assessment to the transformations which happened to Kiev cake was given by the writer Natalya Vorontsova - Yuryeva in the article: “In 1960 - x Kiev cake cost 3 rub 30 kopeks. Not to compare to a present poison. For “Kiev“ turns were built, and pleasure it gave really unearthly. On magnificence of taste it can be compared unless to Pigeon`s milk cake which appeared in 1970 - x and was on sale in Moscow in cookery of Prague restaurant on the Arbat“.

It is necessary only to hope: the original recipe of Kiev cake is not lost yet, maybe, there will be enthusiasts to revive former glory of this delicacy!