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When to meet spring?

On Earth definitely exist confusion with what day to consider as day of arrival of spring. Of course, it is possible not to subtilize and meet spring according to a calendar, 1 - go March. But the huge part of the population of the planet lives in the territory where March belongs in fact to winter months, even more people live where March - month actually summer, and in the southern hemisphere - in general autumn (but about them we will not be, differently we will not understand at all).

Here each people should understand such confusion independently - and here, sorry, who what it is ready for, then at that and spring. The following options of date of celebration of the beginning of spring are offered, for example: with phenologists (the scientists watching cycles of changes of the nature) - when average daily temperature will exceed 0 degrees; with botanists - when the movement of juice at a maple acutifoliate will begin; with astronomers - in day of the vernal equinox which in this or that form exists at all people.

Most impatient in a question of expectation of spring there were Chinese. The Chinese New year which is celebrated in one of days from January 21 to February 21 is no other than the Holiday of spring - the most important holiday of Celestial Empire. This day Chinese rejoice to awakening of the nature and the beginning of a new annual cycle.

Not less Americans and Canadians - with the Groundhog Day hurry. 2 - go February when the winter, is going to leave for good anywhere yet they arrange large-scale festivals and find out when to wait for arrival of spring. At the worst prediction of a groundhog it can happen in six weeks after a holiday, that is no later than March 16.

Rather fabulous meet spring in India. Care for a holiday, noted approximately on March 19, - one of the most significant in the country. At this time there are real mass festivities, to all manifestations inherent in such action. Rejoicing to arrival of spring and its creative power, people, without sparing anybody around, are sprinkled with dry bright inks, burn down fires, sing obscene songs, well and - what a sin to conceal - in large quantities take the exciting and stupefying drinks.

In sedate Japan meet spring in reflections about rapidity of life. To it it is devoted by khans - national tradition of an admiring short, but rather magic and brilliant blossoming of an Oriental cherry. Mass media notify Japanese on quantity of trees in this or that park and about terms of blossoming of an Oriental cherry in different regions of the country - usually it occurs during the period since the end of February prior to the beginning of April. Residents of Japan direct to squares, parks and the woods at this time and spend time in slow communication, watching quickly withering beauty of petals.

Residents of some countries of Eastern Europe, including friendly to us Moldova, Bulgaria and Belarus, note 1 - go March Martenitsu (Mertsishor). This day all give each other is red - white amulets from woolen threads which it is necessary to carry on clothes all March. White in an amulet symbolizes a machismo, force, the sun; red - a feminine, health and the birth.

And the Russian people liking to celebrate each event repeatedly have at least four occasions to be glad to arrival of spring.

On March 1 - calendar day of arrival of spring in the ancient time was a big holiday at Slavs. Up to the end of the 15th century, according to the Byzantine traditions, new year began with spring. This day also marked out him very cheerfully and solemnly. According to a national calendar 1 on March (14) - of Avdotya Plyushchikhi who for the merits was awarded by gift to revive day the dead, - opens new life: new works and new cares. According to Slavic customs, on the first days of March it is possible to judge weather. On March 1 will tell what will be spring, on March 2 will tell of summer, on March 3 - about fall, on March 4 - about winter.

The following occasion to be glad to arrival of spring - of course, Maslenitsa. We rejoice not one day as some Hindus and Chinese, and the whole week. Many traditions of celebration of Maslenitsa and a farewell to winter, it appears, are familiar to most of readers therefore it is possible to pass to an occasion to meet spring number three.

And this occasion - the Annunciation celebrated on March 25. The Christian world this day celebrates Virgin Mary`s announcement about future birth of Jesus Christ. According to a national calendar the Annunciation - and to pass day when “the spring overcame winter“ that is, it is already possible to burn winter beds (straw) to sleep in a cage - not heated log hut without windows. With this day many national signs are connected. For example, if the spring came to the Annunciation - ahead still there will be many frosts and prick snow on roofs lie - that to lie to it in the field to the St. George`s day (on April 23). Well, and if this day a frost - wait for a rich harvest of milk mushrooms.

The fourth time we will be glad to arrival of spring on May 1. Since 1992 this day in the Russian Federation the Holiday of spring and work is celebrated. Traditionally some Russians will go to demonstrations, the others - to picnics to the country, to enjoy warm cheerful days of spring which from the fourth time will precisely be proved strongly.

Behind all these festivals the spring will fly by quickly, and there and till summer nearby!