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Life became sulfur? You give useful habits!

Agree, habits play an important role in life of each person. If to analyse one lived day, the whole week or all month, then it is possible to notice that we make some actions day by day constantly. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that quality of our life is directly connected with our habits.

If have more than negative habits, then life, respectively, not really bright and fruitful.

As to change the old habits or to develop new to give to the life more paints and energy?

Begin new day with a smile. Look in a mirror and just smile to yourself. This small secret will fill your forthcoming day with a positive.

you Sleep so much how many it is necessary for your organism. Constantly not getting enough sleep people are dissatisfied and irritable.

If you woke up earlier and feel slept, then try to make easy jog.

to provide the organism with cheerfulness, try to do morning exercises.

Refuse alcoholic drinks and cigarettes or replace them with something more useful.

to give necessary vitamins to an organism, daily use fresh fruit and vegetables.

Replace a coffee cup with a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

not to be distracted by minor affairs, begin to plan the day.

Try to present in the morning all events of the forthcoming day ideally. So you will develop a habit to think positively.

When walking do not stoop, and you stand up straight. It will give you determination and confidence.

be in the fresh air More often.

Drink usual clear water in enough.

Try to enter healthy food into the diet.

to save nerves and time, try to do all preparations for the morning the night before.

write down the Appeared new and important thoughts, and also ideas at once. You carry a small notebook for these purposes.

to plan and to miss the forthcoming important events, write down them in the daily log.

better to sleep, air the room before going to bed.

For introduction and application of useful habits, make to yourself something pleasant.

Learn to touch-type. For these purposes use the Solo on the Keyboard program.

correctly to dispose of means, begin to write down all expenses.

Become punctual. You come to the appointed place for five minutes earlier.

That eyes were not tired during the work at the computer, allocate time for gymnastics of eyes.

Constantly train the memory: crossword puzzles, game in chess, logical tasks or interesting reading.

During the day call several times the family.

Delete a mat and filler words from the speech.

Photograph bright events in the life.

Begin to write down the progress and achievements in the personal diary.

Try to be curious and inquisitive. So you will learn every day something new and interesting.

For motivation of to new achievements - dream. If we dream and we take certain steps, then dreams come true.

Use fermented milk products.

you Spend unforgettable days off with the darlings. by

Choose from this list at least 7 - 8 points which within your powers, and begin to practice and realize as soon as possible them in the life. And then you really feel that life has bright and colourful colors.