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Whether it is worth looking for the love on the Internet?

the Subject of acquaintances on the Internet are a subject of discussions not the first year. As well as on any question, this invention has supporters and opponents, and it is possible to agree with each opinion.

On the one hand, silly to argue that the Network - the only place which some individuals visit. Considering a century of progress and an opportunity to issue delivery absolutely to any goods and service, there would be money, it is possible on the street and in shop behind products for weeks not to leave. On the other hand, the probability that the heroin addict sits at a sexual avatar of George Clooney can turn out percent 80.

As to be to the lonely, got confused in the relations and life companions who are passionately wishing to create a cell of society?! Whether it is worth trusting the wellbeing to the World wide web?! Investigating this question, decided to make own experiment, having acquainted with action the girlfriend with the first class Natalya who meets 7 years the guy, but does not marry it, and carries out every day in doubts whether that to her met the person.

So, first day of experiment. Accurately filled in the questionnaire about desire to get acquainted on the known website, told about what I the economic, mild, needing love and caress sexual candy, placed a photo from the last where at celebration of birthday of mother on me all is put on the best at once, and began to wait.

It should be noted that did not even manage to place sincere verses to flash erudition, messages from potential boyfriends one behind another fell down. In an anticipation of happy changes in destiny, I open messages and I check questionnaires of future grooms (the text in the original):

Oleg, 36, in marriage, looks for the cheerful, raunchy little girl for pleasant meetings in her territory: “Your loneliness, the child ended! Paid attention of the macho to you!“ Artur, 23, is lean

, lives with parents, has changeable earnings: “You want, I will become your slave - lizuny... you will not regret!“

Arsen, 35, three children, cheerful businessman: “And you cool, want me? A shish kebab - mashlyk“.

Yury, 40, the mechanic with the stable average income (sits against a ragged wall, in an undershirt - the alcoholic with beer in a hand): “It is ready to marry though tomorrow!“ I Feel

that the mood sharply changes, and I make the decision searches for today to postpone. The call by phone is distributed and on that wire happy Natasha reports that she got acquainted with It - the count in the 8th generation, and the romantic is planned for evening. Heartily I rejoice for the girlfriend, I wish her good luck, I take the promise that will call back with the story about miracles, and itself lateral sight I consider myself in a mirror, worrying for own self-assessment a little.

Day of the second. I open a dating site page in the morning. I find 62 messages, similar yesterday`s, I send authors to “black list“, I also eliminate candidates with silence instead of accurate “no“ in the column “marital status“, and there are three. In appearance on a photo the decent people who are interested in my affairs. Idyll of virtual “fairy tales“ was interrupted by a call of the girlfriend and the story about fine yesterday evening with the gallant gentleman - the oligarch that encouraged me searching a little. The girlfriend did not even notice how hours and the princess as the Cinderella punched, was late from a ball home for what was reprimanded by the common-law husband and it was punished - without issues.

The next week passed measuredly. To three previous boyfriends two more “in appearance decent“ increased, we told each other about affairs, hobbies, the lived days and other nonsense, but heart did not tremble and aspired towards to nobody. Then three were eliminated somehow because there was nothing to squeeze out of a lemon already. Meanwhile, Natalya reported that with the oligarch everything is remarkable, play Romeo and Juliette who cannot see each other, but send each other tearful otkrytochka - Valentine`s Day cards.

Having had heard plenty of her stories, is closer to days off convinced herself that bad experience - too experience, and decided to meet Roman 43 years old who is recently divorced with the “ordinary“, according to him, guy, but obviously pumped over body, in my opinion, judging by a photo.

All day of Saturday I as the first-year student, worried, did masks, a peeling, an epilation, stacked a hairdress, drew a make-up and chose a dress. Then 2 more hours sat in full regimentals on a sofa, trying to catch on itself an amazed look of the child. And here hour of Ickx, the man of my dream at an entrance came. I leave.

As soon as opened a door of the car of the groom, words from the fairy tale were remembered: “… and it washing a young frog in a korobchonka arrived!“ You sometime moved on “Field“ at which the lower part of a front seat goes in different directions, and that part which has to hold a back is absent?! It is that option. While we went, I squated simply, having seized as in the tram, for the top hand-rail, at the same time opened, “because it is not closed“, the window, created such draft that my bang - Carlson already on the neighboring street was destroyed!

Well, I think: “Nothing, you will think what tsayets! Perhaps checks for unselfishness, the main thing that the person was good!“ We go to cafe. There is my satellite, having made the order, gave the menu to the waitress, having obviously forgotten that it brought with itself me. I sit silently. And I hear compliments and obvious hints that it was pleasant and we can continue evening at it. When on a table there was a vodka “for acquaintance“ and salinity, despite “suitcase“ on which we arrived, solved - all! It is time to do legs!

I go down the street, elegant and beautiful, obviously not wishing to leave at such memoirs Saturday evening. Also I decide on a meeting with the man with a nickname on the dating site “Arnold“ which dreamed to get acquainted with such girl long ago as I! I sit on the Embankment, I wait for Arnold in an anticipation of vengeance of a meeting with the Camomile and I see... Oh, miracle! Obviously looking around at me in crowd, something approaches! Vaguely, very bearing a faint resemblance photo from the website 10 - summer prescription! Already I understand that evening is lost, hiding behind backs of passersby, I run away from the meeting place that did not notice for anything me unshaven, with the dirty head of people in socks and rubber slates.

There passed 2 weeks as I was not on the website. At Natasha with the oligarch the love blossomed and sang. However, when her guy at last allowed it to go to “birthday to the schoolmate“, suddenly in business trip there left the businessman in love the website. But the great force of the Internet allowed to support the sparkle which so fine inflamed for one meeting between them at distance.

Having convinced itself that I try for all mankind, I decided everything - to continue experiment. The former soperepischik hung on the website, but, fortunately, did not write me, there were another, telling about difficult destiny, lonely men. Everyone persistently asked about a meeting. But I decided that I will not make similar slips any more and I will meet only at obvious confidence in an adekvata of the potential groom, having conducted interview by phone. But while and for testing there was nobody to call, it is too much facts, incompatible with my vital principles, it was opened after two - three messages.

There passed some more days. Without handing over a position, in the evenings after work I opened a page on a dating site with hope that today there will be something and, having looked at the photo, I will feel MINE. But results were not.

Exactly 2 months later since the beginning of experiment called a door. No, it was not the man of my dream! It was my sozagovorshchitsa on experiment - Natalya. By the form I understood at once that we will drink! Also we will drink much!

History with the prince was banal. Two weeks of virtual cards, two - kisses in the receiver, a month more - restaurants and passionate sex, and then... sudden oligarchical troubles and need “to be intercepted for a couple of hours by five thousand dollars“! “Yes what questions … I know you! At you only costs car wheels more, darling!“ - Natashka inspired with stories about unearthly love thought and gave to darling a grist of the common-law husband. Only neither in an hour, nor through 5, nor next day the oligarch did not contact, and the car, according to our mutual friend who had communications in traffic police was issued on Ivanova Bella Harisovna … Who such - a riddle!

I am grateful to the girlfriend that she understood own trustfulness and nonsense and did not begin to blame me for attraction to experiment. Itself removed the questionnaire from the website and rendered a verdict that this way of acquaintances not only is full still of big disappointments, but also is dangerous!

The first time for long time went to work in high spirits and smiled to the sun! In total - it is right that the love should be not looked for, and to meet! Directly on a threshold faced the colleague Sashka, to have dinner behind one little table with which there was a dream of all women, irrespective of the social status and age since that is the real handsome man from the Hollywood movies. Nobody knew whether it has a girl because owing to good breeding Sasha smiled to all, but any appointment for 3 - summer work, despite diligence of ladies, appointed.

And suddenly, having smiled to me the charming smile, he asked: “And you would agree to descend to have supper with me? Long ago it are pleasant to me, but I thought, you have someone, and yesterday saw your questionnaire on a dating site!“

… So I did not understand, maybe, everything - my experiment was successful?!