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When and how Day by Voyenno - navy in Vladivostok is celebrated?

last Sunday of July Vladivostok, as well as all military ports, are celebrated by Day of Voyenno - navy of Russia which began to be noted since 1939. This day by the ships the Andreevsky colors and alarm flags are hoisted, military seamen in a full white dress stiffen in solemn construction, veterans - with awards and medals on a breast. The main part of celebration passes in the water area of Amur Bay and at Water station of the Pacific fleet. The holiday is colourful, before stands invited and city visitors the sea performance is developed. Possibilities of arms and military equipment of fleet are shown. As traditional participants the Neptune and his suite acts. And celebration comes to the end with colourful fireworks.

In 1988 I made an interesting trip across Primorsky Krai. Had a rest ten days on the coast in French riviera boarding house, ten days in sanatoria, and four days in Vladivostok. When I was in Vladivostok, the city prepared for celebration of Day of Voyenno - navy, I wanted to look at this unusual representation and to visit such holiday.

To see parade of the fighting ships on water areas of Amur Bay, and also disembarkation of a sea landing, it was necessary to pass a numerous cordon across city streets. Because I had no invitation card, and there was only youth. And in a cordon there were young cadets and seamen therefore it was necessary to smile and to try to be pleasant.

City streets were in festive furniture, sometimes there was a wish to stop and go sightseeing, their benefit in Vladivostok is a lot of, but it was necessary to manage to pass till some certain time, otherwise after the street were blocked. Vladivostok the relatively young city, it was put in the summer of 1860. In 1888 Vladivostok became the center of Seaside area.

Since 1890 - x from Vladivostok went to expeditions the Russian travelers and scientists. The railroads connecting Vladivostok to Khabarovsk, Ussuriysk are at that time constructed. The Trans-Siberian Railway was constructed. In 1903 through service to Moscow opened.

Marina of Vladivostok the largest station of sea messages in the Far East and the Pacific coast of Russia.

In the city is several observation decks from where it is possible to see all city, and its beautiful bays or just the ocean. Near Vladivostok hotel the memorable sign saying that from here A. P. Chekhov admired a view is established.

If from the station to pass down the street Aleutian, you get on “Arbat“, so in the people called Admiral Fokin Street. In the past it is Pekinskaya Street, it was called in memory of the Beijing contract of 1860.

On the central city street there is a Versailles hotel where in 1920 Military council was located, and in 1934 members of the known expedition to the Arctic by steamship “Chelyuskin“, philharmonic hall, drama theater of youth


the Far East the first in Russia celebrates the Day of Voyenno - navy. This holiday the most favourite and very solemn. The holiday is celebrated not only by seamen, and all who love the country, are proud of it, admire its past and trusts in its future.

I got for a holiday. Voyenno - sea parade began in the water area of Amur Bay. The commander of fleet on the boat passed along a kilvaterny column of the fighting ships and addressed crews of the ships with congratulations. Representation lasted two and a half hours. I sat by the sea on an open tribune, and watched performances, listened to volleys of the ships. Around it is full of naval officers of different ranks and all smile! Unless it is not surprising.

I did not see such grandiose holiday yet. With pleasure estimated training of crews of boats, miners, marines, fighters of groups of a special purpose. The martial art was shown by marines. Unloading of a sea landing, the self-propelled guns and tanks floating by the sea and the subsequent departure of these amphibians on the firm earth before stands - were the most fascinating moments. Seamen shone with bearing, and I admired their virtuosity. Very colourful and memorable holiday!