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Why women love long-distance truck drivers?

Me are not attracted by clever men. Why? Very simply: I am clever. Yes, he can be the good interlocutor, the excellent friend, the beautiful adviser … but the hero of my novel it will never become.

Never in life I dreamed to oversleep or cast in the lot with the man only from - for his mind. The ordinary phrase “the most sexual part of a body of the man is his brain“ for me it does not make absolutely any sense.

You judge: here that new the clever man can bring in my life? To quote to me new, unknown the head Schopenhauer? To give a napalm production secret? It is already sounded by Tyler Dyorden in “Fight club“: gasoline and orange juice. To tell the principle of work of radio waves and Popov`s radio receiver? To me it in general is uninteresting. To discuss Victor Pelevin, Sorokin or Sergey Minayev`s new book? Forgive, but now to read books - all this the same leisure entertainment for mind, but not as a hobby and the more so not for a body.

All this is easy, dosed and without claims me can report also to Google. By the way, his creators, nerds Green and Page in spite of the fact that they are multimillionaires, at all would never attract my attention. Unless only multimilliona would cause easy amazement and purely scientific interest. Four-eyes are intellectuals even if they rich and clever as Khodorkovsky, I would not be interested. That is, of course, some curiosity would be caused, but would not force to fight in languid languor, to dream or be thrilled hotly.

We at best it is lazy competed in wit then I would understand that I for myself will open nothing new, and he would understand that he will not be able to win against me the main weapon - mind. In total - the relations between men and women is not competition, and a way to learn the world. The advanced psychologists say that the strongest unions are formed by different people because we like others - not such as we. And it is boring to look for the reflection, it seems how to play on the home field, and both for itself, and for that guy.

Therefore once I decided to look to the truth in a face and to realize honestly what men are pleasant to me actually. Took the main principle as a basis - they have to be others, not such as I. That is to be courageous, at the same time not to work at office, to travel, consider much the movie “Fight club“ as the unsuccessful fighter. The basic requirement - and not to suspect about Castaneda`s existence, the Buddhism, Rastafarianism etc. of

If to put all these qualities together, the ideal option - the long-distance truck driver turns out. Yes, and it is not a joke. I safely could fall in love with the long-distance truck driver. I even am afraid to present how such man could diversify my life. Yes what to hide, my first boyfriend was a long-distance truck driver! (However, now it ordinary office rat.) Other my boyfriend dreamed to become him! The third … it is good, we will return to a subject. This essay not about my rich private life.

Anyway, long-distance truck drivers give to intellectuals hundred points forward. Even in mass consciousness. Let`s take, for example, series “Long-distance truck drivers“ - what nobility, soul width, family values, bravery, true male qualities from the main characters. Also compare it to an icon of all intellectuals - the gloomy moral freak doctor House. Here where the free relations are preached, it is the best of all with prostitutes, drug addiction, than any brakes concerning patients and colleagues, caustic sarcasm and unprecedented cynicism.

It is sure, each girl has such familiar doctor House who always better you knows all answers to all questions. First you listen spellbound to it because from there the Truth streams. Then all this begins to load you a little. And in the end already you feel like the silly woman filled when instead of later a romantic dinner to plunge into soft captivity of silk sheets, you plunge into a jungle of grammar of Chinese or word formation in language of the Australian natives.

With the long-distance truck driver we would play absolutely other games. The long-distance truck driver would not load me points of assembly or in the way of the soldier. He knows about ways also very much. He is a real man, he stylishly, abruptly, significantly was silent, would smoke or drank vodka, twisted nuts with other real men. Or, for example, on mine it is naive - a touching question whether winter rubber is necessary to it, would report that at trucks rubber all-weather. Or that the diesel rises in price, GAI officers flew into a rage, and constructed the Odessa track - built, and now it is all the same broken in *** but. Here in what Wikipedia you will read it?

Unfortunately, I have no place to get acquainted with the real long-distance truck driver and to dispel the dream. On Facebook long-distance truck drivers do not hang out, at playgrounds will not meet them, in city transport they do not go, by planes do not fly. The fashionable writer, the intellectual to whom I to the first reported about the secret addiction with sarcasm asked me whether I tried to travel a self-locking device, and reported that there are beautiful places for acquaintance to long-distance truck drivers - for example, district.

Anyway, neither the first option, nor the second suit me. Therefore it is necessary to try to discover lines of an ideal in those men who on me are palmed off by life far from trucks.