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Whether one man for the rest of life is necessary?

Despite emancipation, feminism, recognition by church of presence at women of immortal soul and other achievements of the last century, including the right to vote on elections, female collective unconscious persistently insist that the man has to be one for the rest of life.

Therefore each individual of an opposite sex who is almost met on a course of life offered a hand in transport or treated with a cup of coffee is subconsciously estimated: “But whether it is intended to me by destiny?“ For this reason horoscopes, online - oracles, throwing of boots in Christmas night for a fence, fortune-telling on a bird`s dung and other predictors of the future are so popular.

Therefore also the subject whether we will allow sex on the first appointment, is considered in women`s magazines with gravity, comparable with discussion by scientific figures of danger of black holes to our galaxy.

And all this because that too great value is attached to the relations with men. What to hide, even the most advanced and sane girls at acquaintance have thoughts: Whether “This man suits me whether I from him am ready to give birth to the child“, and the most important - “As if to manage to die with it in one day?“ And then the series of Hamlet burdensome thoughts to us together begin “To be or not to be?“.

At the same time we reflect with such depth and intensity as though not that from whom we will receive poor carnations and tulips for March Eighth depends on our decision and to fly to inexpensive all - inclusive in Egypt, and that with whom we will make a trip on “Voyager“ to edge of Solar system, or, at least, under whose cover we will work in the Colombian narcocartel.

I do not say at all that you should not expect from men reliability, care or support, including during all life. All this certainly by itself, and moreover, over time quite so also happens - always sooner or later there is a man who undertakes filling of receipts, payment of accounts for electricity and selection of last-minute tours to the Maldives. But you should not demand from each met man of spiritual feats and to give to each, even fleeting meeting of fatal value!

As one of users told in infinity of the Internet: “It is necessary to understand about the man at once that he is given you for entertainment and pleasure. Also it is not necessary to think, you suit it or not. It as balloon. It is unlikely it approaches for every day for the rest of life, but to wear for a string happens ridiculously“.

And there is a wish to output these words largely and gold where unripe maiden souls scoop information on relationship with an opposite sex. Because this information field, like a big garbage spot in the Pacific Ocean, is formed by a suspension of any stuff like “to find the destiny“, “the promised my masked“, “love forever“ and “a kiss without love“.

In practice of the relation often are heavy freight, a problem which needs to be solved, with success overcoming the difficulties arising on the way - its coldness, lack of initiative and an inattention, waiting for an ephemeral award as which deification the tombstone with your names will serve. And why it, tell, it is necessary? Moreover, pay attention: if the man does not entertain and does not cause pleasure, from him will hardly wait for some concrete acts.

And if to take for granted that men are intended that was to whom to amuse you tonight, to poison jokes, to treat with “Daiquiri“ and to play the invisible guitar, then many foolish problems will disappear by itself. And even if every evening you are amused by different men - how practice shows, except increase of a self-assessment, it allows to do leisure more various and many-sided: someone from men knows how to cook, someone will repair the socket, and with someone it is possible to talk for hours about literature, applied linguistics or programming.