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Family or commercial enterprise?

Now about crisis of a family are not told only by lazy. Though idealists still consider that the family is a stronghold of everything, an Alpha and Omega of human existence, whales and turtles on whom the world keeps. Realists already dried up all tears concerning degradation of family values and already ceased to consider family crisis as a large-scale problem.

Well, is died off by a family and dies off to itself - many already somehow adapted, someone found himself in other spheres - blogging, snowboarding, a collecting an art - a house. Someone got used to what human is warmly quite replaceable a rubber hot-water bottle, it is more pleasant to spend annual bonuses only for himself, and it is possible to go to holiday with the aunt or with the dog who remained from first marriage.

At the same time the Internet and releases of telenews dazzle with funny messages on misalliances with a stone at a roadside, the TV, a concrete mixer or the vertical BBQ grill.

About homosexual marriages we do not speak at all - to call them norm and even deliberately to envy a community of interests for a long time it is considered at the advanced public a sign of a good form. And those who they are homosexual marriages - abuse or is indignant, calling such form of a family to “the contradicting nature“, are sick with especially gloomy form of obscurantism than which only honoring of a cult of virginity or condemnation of casual communications is worse.

But we will return to crisis of a family. In reality it came not in recent years - actually it came for a long time. Approximately when ideals of romantic love became fashionable, and people became inclined to choose to themselves partners for marriage, but not to try in any way to survive or unite the capitals.

Agree, the economic basis is stronger, than ephemeral feelings: romantic waste passes, unicorns run up, rainbows and orchids disappear, and beautiful elves turn into the tousled aunts and tolstopuzy uncles. And the economy, bills, mortgages and real estate remain and give thorough basis to live long and happily, and then to die in one day, representing a striking positive example for children and grandsons - without scandals, divorces, the thrown children or, at best, Sunday fathers.

Therefore sociologists speak more and more actively recently in the sense that the family - all this is first of all the commercial enterprise urged to provide to people satisfaction of need for safety, economic stability, especially at cultivation (we will call it so) posterities. Also you should not expect much more from a family - that every morning your bed will be covered with violets that your spouse will make feats and miracles in your honor, and the most important - that it will last to that notorious grave. To expect it - the biggest delusion: everyone who, swearing, for the tenth time washed up a bathroom will agree with me or vainly reminded: “Buy bread and matches!“

I, by the way, at sociologists appeared the next saving theory which says that the need for romantic love should be satisfied in other places - read: with other people. In a family it is senseless to look for it: ruthless hormonal recession will cruelly kill all elves, will crush violets and will let rot orchids, having left behind the ashes of court sessions. I cannot tell that this theory is pleasant and comprehensive, but in it something is!

If to take for granted that for two more simply, than on one, to have the refrigerator, the washing machine, a microwave and a mortgage, then it is possible not to demand from the partner impossible and to cease to live, sensitively listening to whether the degree of passions falls down. And quietly and romantically to love someone another - them there can be ten in a year, and they will not influence the material status in any way.

Having accepted it, the family stops being it unpromising pastime waiting for inevitable divorce, and becomes normal object for investments. At the same time will always be on whom to leave children, going to romantic appointment.