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The status - skvo or whether it is easy to be the kept woman?

are Very frequent the girls doing career and spending time at stuffy offices consider that they in vain ruin the youth and beauty while other women quietly live at the expense of men, just like that receiving gifts and a monetary allowance. with

the High heels, silicone lips, false nails, white hair scattered on all body diamonds, islands in the winter, infinite hours in SPA - the centers, skis in Sankt - Moritz or at least an opportunity to live, without working, - all this directly - looks as the real dream and a symbol of the successful female life.

But all the matter is that to be a kept woman not so - that is simple how it seems at first sight what it is possible to be convinced of, having communicated to the real representative of this “profession“. To live on contents is a hard, difficult work, and it is necessary to treat it as to work. And, of course, as to any business, to it the talent is necessary too - otherwise initially nothing will turn out, and, perhaps, trading in phones wholesale or even selling belyashes on a market, it is possible to earn more. By the way, you should not confuse life on contents to prostitution - the prostitute sells short illusion of the power over herself, and the kept woman pleases the man with the presence, relieves of oppression of spare cash and raises its status.

So, in this case word “status“ the main: the man whom money and the power interest brings to himself the woman for a raising of the rating - here supposedly what with me! And “such“ it is necessary to correspond - every minute to be on the ball, always to sparkle and shine, drawing attention as the red sports car.

And here - that also begins the most difficult. To be always on the ball oh as it is difficult, appearance for the kept woman - the most important working tool. It is necessary to be engaged in its development, improvement, bringing practically to an ideal, to invest … And it not only manicure and a hairdressing salon, but also hours-long exercises in the gym, fight against wrinkles, diets and plastic surgeries.

You love cakes?. Remember that behind 60 kilograms “scorched earth“ as the famous Russian columnist Natalya Radulova neatly noticed begins. At that time when the girls earning a living are able to afford though ten bottles of beer every evening, apart from chips and chocolates, the kept woman is forced not to leave the table of calories, is not after six and to run every day.

At that time when you do career and your income from year to year grows, kept women have exactly opposite problem. With age its assets collapse, though life experience and skills of a manipulation by men comes. But nasilikonenny lips get out of fashion, and men learn to count money and to ego-trip some different way, than showing to the friends the discharged doll.

And the most important - while the girl who is independently earning a living to mozhetpozvolit to itself to fall in love with anyone - though in the system administrator though in the tram driver, the kept woman is not able to afford any feelings! Otherwise it is possible to miss profit! As, for example, organizers of concerts can be thin esthetes and judges of the jazz, and in a pursuit of long ruble to carry on a tour of performers of a chanson, having stepped on a throat to own song.

It is interesting that the kept woman interrogated by me admitted that one of points of her vital strategy - to surround herself with ugly girlfriends, working at contrast and increasing the market value. With the same purpose she defiantly flirts with other men to cause jealousy of the patron and to increase a stream of investments. That is literally each point of her life is devoted to strategy and tactics of receiving money - it seems that she does not manage to relax for a minute!

… No, I dissuade nobody, but it is worth thinking well and to weigh everything that it did not turn out that through some time any magnificent SPA will seem hell and it will want in a quiet cosiness of office, to pee the presentations, to pootvechat on calls of clients and to sit on planning meetings, scribbling SMS that who really is pleasant to you.