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Galatya against Pigmaliona or Why to change men?

Since Ancient Greece the legend of the sculptor Pygmalion who created so perfect sculpture that and fell in love with her is known to the whole world. Unfortunately, modern interpretation of this legend is formulated a little in a different way.

Best of all it sounds in the popular Soviet song: “I stuck together it from what was, and then - that was, fell in love“. That is the creator and creation changed over - modern Pygmalion - the woman who should “mold“ (to bring up, create, inspire, to push to the right decisions) the man.

This phenomenon so became stronger in mass female consciousness that already for some reason it is considered norm. Namely - that the woman, having caught the man in the order, considers it precisely as an expendable material. Someone will get soft clay, to someone difficult in processing, but beautiful marble, and to someone and valuable, but refractory bronze. About gold his happy owners prefer to keep mum that strangers did not zaritsya.

Whether it is worth drawing further parallels and to say that process and results are similar to work of the sculptor? Clay figurines are appreciated less, than bronze, but and it is much simpler to make them, and it is not so a pity if they deteriorate or will be gone. Marble - beautiful and fragile: one incorrect movement, and everything is spoiled. Facets, of course, it is heavy to process, but then the strong and strong sculpture as a result turns out. And to fall in love with such not the sin!

Of course, at modern Pygmalion in hands is not present a chisel or a chisel or what sculptors act there with. Instead - words: “Darling, correct a bite. Make other hairdress. Throw out this awful vest, you in it are similar to Anatoly Wasserman. It is time for you to become staid! To find other work! Earn more money! Do not listen to this dreadful music! How you can watch these disgusting idiotic movies for morons? You also become a moron! I will not let you to it on birthday in club, there will be maidens of doubtful behavior! What fishing - computer games - rollers - a bass - a guitar? Any beer with friends! We promised to go to mother today! Why you were late for 15 minutes from work today? Where you were? Again this beer? Again computer games? Make for yourself a bed, clean socks, dust, wash hands, buy bread …“ by

It is sure, each of us has such acquaintances of Pigmaliona, long and tiresomely hollowing the Galateev until those approach their any imagined ideal. However, sometimes, when the result, it seems, is achieved, and the man obediently washes hands, does a rack on command, never looks at other women, does not scatter socks and without bread home does not come, with such happiness it becomes boring for a skulptorsha. And it continues on a habit to mold and straighten the creation. At the same time often demanding impossible - from a clay figurine of durability of bronze and beauty of marble or stability of granite, and from bronze sculptures - warm-heartedness and warmth of clay.

There is a question: why to cast in the lot with the man who initially does not arrange? If beer / is thirsty it to scatter socks / to play in group / to resemble Wasserman is his right. Does not arrange you? Look for another. And creative potential can be directed to itself, then it will turn out not only to be more tolerant to others shortcomings, and and, at last, to grow thin, learn English, accounting and Mendeleyev`s table, to accustom itself to go every week to the pool and the gym.

And there and the self-assessment will grow, and there will be the one who will meet expectations and high inquiries at once. And it is not necessary to straighten.