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Loneliness. Who is guilty?

From time to time develop impression that in the world awfully there are a lot of lonely people who do not know as well as where to find the soulmate! And it not only women as it seems from - for their of continuous plaints. There are also such men who suffer from the fact that they cannot find to themselves the companion of life!

Owing to my sociability sometimes such address me, and I as the person obsessed with idea of general happiness, especially personal, right there rush to help with a role of the matchmaker or procuress.

Especially when you will get accustomed to it - and you think: there is a beautiful guy, at first sight! All right, a t-shirt a little unfashionable, and a hairdress strange as though in front of the mirror leveled itself. However, guards a little that not only there is no girl, but also friends at all.

But girlfriends very often complain of loneliness and that normal men were translated together with mammoths. And here - quite to itself the normal ekzemplyarchik - even earns that in itself is already pleasant, and more strong than beer does not drink anything. And even sometimes with a living space it is provided!! And the age - about thirty years, that is would be high time to marry or get the serious relations with girls already - is not young any more, wind has to disappear from the head. Also it is not so old to prefer to the woman in a bed a hot-water bottle, a duck and the device for measurement of pressure.

And so, you begin to get accustomed to this beautiful candidate with the purpose to attach unmarried girlfriends. All right, you think, a hairdress it is remediable, we will more fashionably buy a t-shirt - itself bragged that it has a salary twelve thousand! Also we will teach not to sit for days in front of the computer, and to be interested in the things interesting to girls. Hm, and with what? Not cosmetics and anti-cellulite programs?. Idea - for example, cats or dogs … Precisely!

You call him and you report: “You know, I for you thought up everything - there are you with a doggie, and towards the girl, with a doggie too. She is interested what lovely doggie, well and so on … You start acquaintance - it has a poodle! And she moves to you home, well or as a last resort comes in the evening, tea - coffee - a cappuccino - and here she is ready, new love and such long-awaited you a family! Cool idea, truth?“

I becomes clear here - oh, is not present! The young man of a dog is not interested at all. From them they gnaw wool, pools, and footwear. And it is necessary to walk them. “And the more so the girl with a dog... Will force the dog to walk me!“

- And if cat? - I offer, without losing courage. - He should not be walked!
- Yes that you, - I receive the answer, - cats is even worse. They mark and in general opposite, mew. And it is necessary to feed them. I came into a supermarket recently, know, there this forage how much? Is more expensive, than for people!

Well, you think, with cats and dogs did not leave. Probably, it notable chelovekolyub! But it appears, and here is not present - it does not help people. Because “people they such - and try to find how to deceive, use, and then still behind the back and to laugh“. It already in its faultless biography very much guards. But the corps de ballet begins when already you begin to acquaint it with girls. Without dogs and cats, naturally.

Here it turns out that one your girlfriend the gloomy egoist - she for some reason did not become thirsty beer in cafe with plastic chairs, demanded restaurant and was surprised why there are no flowers. Another - slantwise looked at sandals with socks. The third -... why nobody warned me that it has a child? Children - it is even worse, than dogs or even cats! From them noise, problems and the covered with drawings wall-paper. And your fourth girlfriend whom you painted as hardworking and hard-working - so she from the very first appointment began to load me the problems! It has such difficult life - both the apartment removable, and a salary small, and parents elderly! How you could? Why to me girls with problems? They begin them to hang up on you eternally, and then force to solve!

Me such - independent that accepted me such as I am. That was kind, warm, accurate and loving. And the main thing - without problems. Me others problems are not necessary … to

at all … And then you already begin to giggle and understand spitefully that if the person loves nobody, then and him nobody will fall in love. And it is not necessary to be the psychic - directly - you see in the future a hot-water bottle instead of the wife in a bed, empty moreover and not given glass of water. Well and, of course, a lonely duck under a bed.