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Why to men to win women?

Once my friend the minicar at gas station partitioned off the road to fat “Mercedes“. Nevertheless the nice man got out of it corresponding, but. Having seen the fragile blonde, he laughed at a stereotypic situation and, little by little, took from it phone.

the Girlfriend whether did not attach significance to acquaintance, whether badly understood the prices of this line of cars of the German concern. In a word, she with a sinking heart did not wait for a call and even did not remember a name of the new acquaintance. Therefore it had to resemble minutes who is he before the man suggested it to make a surprise. When the girlfriend asked to explain about a surprise in more detail, it appeared, he meant walk in its country house on the Zhukovy island.

- Give, - he told, - I will come to you now, and we will go to me on the Bug - I will take for a drive you on the hydrocycle!

The word of “Bug“ vividly reminded my friend of a dog wedding, and, of course, she did not go anywhere. But you cannot even imagine surprise of the man to which it refused appointment! It was noticeable that on its course of life girls never refused to it from a student`s bench. And as it was possible not to want to go on the Bug or even on the world`s end on “Mercedes“ worth 150 thousand euros - it in general was beyond its understanding!

Perhaps, after cancellation of a trip to a notorious country house they more also did not meet. But the mysterious blonde so hooked on the owner of maiden thoughts that he continued by it to keep ringing for a month, regularly promising to take for a drive on the motorcycle, suggesting to come to it on a visit on the way from Kryvyi Rih. The girlfriend spoke these tempting announcements briefly: “It if to agree to such trifles at once, then then something global and you will not be interrogated! “ you know

I that? It is absolutely right. It is not the increased inquiries as some will think. It has that the most inquiries just normal - they, at last, reminded me of eternal values.

For example, some women forgot partially that it is necessary somehow to allow the man to win itself! Let will strike a finger in a finger before dragging to itself in a bed! Let will make though some acts which are beyond usual “come to look to me at an engraving / motorcycle / hamster“. Will present a chinchilla or exotic flowers. Will invite for the weekend to Venice or to Lviv, or to look at a lunar eclipse from the Bald mountain. Will bring vegetarian pizza or jam from walnuts at night, will put under ceremonial and will leave. Will order the fire truck to be knocked in the morning in a window and to thrust balls and a love note into a window leaf. Will learn to do for the sake of the favourite land or to cross stitch. Or will learn the song in Georgian to sing it under windows …

Because men - yes what a sin to conceal, all people! - appreciate only what they were enclosed in. And it is not necessarily material, but also emotionally, physically, spent time and so on. Men ceased to make acts for the sake of women not because became shallow, - it is rather because women became simpler to treat the relations, forgive for a foolish pun. And then complain that - you will not wait for some coffee in a bed! And for what it to wait if the bed happened literally at once after acquaintance, and it seems as if already and there is nothing in this occasion to take a steam bath, all will make?

I do not argue, available ways of contraception expedited matters very much - now, time having overslept, it is possible both not to marry and not to be responsible then for the children from this woman. Of course, dear ladies if your purpose - simple pastime tonight, then is in most cases senseless to expect then a diamond ring.

And if you wait for a ring and the relations which are beyond “few times overslept“, then dare to pull time. Let the man before wins your heart, will be shown somehow unexpectedly - the instruction is given above! And then the ring, a hand and heart will be logical continuation - having spent for you very much, he will be forced to marry by calculation.