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What is behind “female wisdom“?

Numerous female pseudo-psychological reading matter are created by a generalized character of a certain wise woman who is always quiet, lovely, smiles, makes coffee with cinnamon, the person wipes with ice from grass broth, and oils a cuticle. The wise woman has a ware always pure, children it is never visible - they do homework, any disagreements with the husband come to an end, without having begun …

Precisely! Nearly forgot the most important - the wise woman is always married, at the same time is happy. What female wisdom if - that to zakhomutat the man and could not hold? And the main sign of the wise woman is considered that she also is that, which a neck at the head from a national saying which actually both wants, and twirls.

Though, certainly, at the wise woman the man will always consider that he is head of the family. Because the wise woman will never tell directly that it is necessary for her. Will not go into a hysterics, will not sob, throw a plate to achieve the desirable. It at it all, as a rule, in the past - when it still won the rank of the wise woman.

Now at it the territory is divided for a long time, and the head of the family trips before it on back pads, being afraid of her silent anger. And at acceptance of important joint decisions he will long guess how to make as she wants. At the same time, of course, the wise woman will sigh and to wave away expressly: “Do to darling, as you wish“. So far simple - or difficult - search of options by the road will not guess that wise woman wanted: to paint in green or pink, to mother or to the cosmetologist, chicken or fish, diamond or sapphire, Turkey or in the Pike perch?

And matter is not that wise women do not like to order. They just like to order - and here do not want to take responsibility for the decisions. If pink poorly looks on light-a yellow facade, the cosmetologist will burn the person, all will get poisoned with fish, sapphires will get out of fashion, and in the Pike perch it will appear dirty and expensively - that not the wise woman will be guilty of it. And the husband who stated aloud this decision, the head of the family who will take the responsibility for not the, in general, the decision. Also it will be once again guilty that will only strengthen his confidence in wisdom of the wife - here if they made as she spoke … The paradox is that she - that just tells nothing!

Externally such families look quite strong, and wise women even dare to teach all other as it is necessary to operate men and to bring up them. At the same time presence at men of a free will as if is also not supposed. They, according to wise women, only puppets who can be pulled easily threads - the main thing, the nobility for what. But you do not know or you wait from the man of normal reactions - here the silly woman! The man - it, as the child: it at first should be brought up! To praise, to scold, and even to stand in the corner!

Educational measures at wise women are severe. During phone call the wise woman surely takes parallel phone - some other woman suddenly calls? Mobile phones are surely perlustrated - why it was necessary to call a certain Luce at half past eight of morning? Ah, you forgot keys of an otofis, and Lyusya is a cleaner and it 58 years? Well - well, we will check …

“Now good evening, Lyusya, - speaks frigidly the wise woman to the unfortunate cleaner. - Next time be so kind as deign to clean an office of my husband better. I found a gray-haired hair in it around a fly …“ Then to the husband once again no Lyusyu will want to gather

any more, in general to have female numbers in the telephone directory.

Wise women of new generation chop off access to all friends of the fair sex on the page of the husband of “VKontakte“. From where they know the password? Oh - yo, it is one of small sekretik of wise women! In the same way, from where they know when to remove all money at the husband from a pocket that did not remain on other women. Or as it is unostentatious to tell him in time what in case of divorce of hotly beloved children he will not see any more. Or how to put some idea to the husband that except it, it is necessary to nobody...

And other manipulyatorsky tricks which are for some reason represented by female wisdom.