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How to accelerate the Internet by means of the DNS control?

are very simple to Get on pages of the favourite website. Even that who for the first time went on-line. It is enough to gather the address in the top line of the browser, to press Enter - and please, you in the right place. Behind the seeming simplicity hard work of programmers and the equipment is hidden.

To bring the user there where that wants, the computer “looks in the telephone book“, sends inquiry to the server of domain names (DNS) and waits for the answer. Speed with which the computer will open the necessary page depends not only on connection speed, but also on efficiency of the DNS server. Whether it is possible to influence its work? The small free applet of DNSBench will help to accelerate processing of inquiries. Take together with it four small steps.

the Step 1 - download DNSBench

the Utility is intended for work under Windows, “linuksoida“ need use of Wine. In the Network the applet has a constant website which any searcher will help to find. By my inquiry in Google the necessary address was the first in search delivery.

Press the Download now button from below of the home page and keep DNSBench in the convenient place, for example, on a desktop. The utility does not demand installation.

the Step 2 - start DNSBench

For start double click on a label a mouse. Wait until the DNS list of servers is updated and rotation of a red badge in the right top corner of a window will stop.

Process can take several minutes. During this time switch off other computers and programs using your connection including the browser.

the Step 3 - create own DNS list of servers

Go to the Nameservers tab and press the Add/Remove button. In the bottom of the opened window press “Build Custom Nameserver List“.

Now it is possible to drink a tea, the utility will work on your task 37 minutes. Upon termination of process go to the Response Time tab and click on “Run Benchmark“.

In a couple of minutes before you the list of the most preferable DNS servers sorted by response time will open. It is simple to understand schedules of parameters. Red lines are most important for work speed, for all flowers - the line, the better is shorter.

The fastest server for your location holds the top place of the list. The server on which your equipment is set up is highlighted in the list in bold type. If it also is the fastest, then it is possible to close DNSBench and to stop the test. the Step 4 - change

the DNS settings

For transition to the new DNS server - the address of the fastest of them needs to be specified in settings of the equipment, a router or directly in properties of the TCP/IP protocol of network connection of the computer.

Before to change something, just in case write down old values of addresses to return to them if changes are not pleasant. But problems are improbable, most likely, the speed of access to pages will change to the best.

Finally, consider that the Internet - the live organism subject to continuous changes. Therefore it is expedient to repeat check of the DNS servers occasionally that always “to keep on the roll“.