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What to wish you, pensioners? Long years of life!

Strange piece - this life. Did not manage to be born as during a time already to think of pension. And as differently, such important issue at us in the country just is not resolved...

should think Of pension long before the happened fact. To count all risks and only after that to storm barriers on the way to the better life. The pensioner, be ready!

So for what it is really necessary to prepare that who else starts up bubbles in a carriage?

Recently conference on estimated innovations in rules of pension calculation took place. Because the existing model not fully considers vital realities, developers of new pension reform so speak. And not only - it is possible to add that it does not consider at all all processes which proceed in our country recently.

On my memory it not the first change of rules of calculation, not the first idea of reformers, and something prompts - most likely, not the last. Yet the zurabovsky and penultimate model of pension reform did not sink into oblivion - and again we see off next under loud obligations of reformers supposedly new rules will be favorable and reliable.

Future millionaires can open accounts for accumulation of the capital already now. As they say, the legend is fresh, but it is trusted hardly. I think, first of all, future pensioners need to buy the machine for rolling... well, you know what.

To new reformers it was necessary to divide hardly because it was necessary to keep up with three hares rather indivisible as the tasks facing developers really it is similar to swimming between Stsilla and Haribda.

Hardly for economists to solve the equation: how considerably to reduce deficiency of a pension fund, having cut down at the same time transfers from the federal budget, at the same time without increasing the term of retirement, and the most important - not only without reducing pensions, and still and indexing them. Plus to it mansions under pension funds which too without finance you will not construct are necessary.

A task, say, only for Abelevskaya`s nominees like Fildsovskoy of an award. But to the Russian athletes - economists all on a shoulder. Hey, we will fall a cropper!!

And further - to crash or gasp to you, citizens future pensioners, it is necessary. Why future? Yes that who already receives pension, reforms new, as they say, on... well, it is generally violet.

In what an essence of new rules? The guaranteed minimum of so-called basic pension which has to be enough for a roll of bread and a glass of milk is supposed.

But most an important part of pension will be insurance which is depending on the amount of earnings and the fulfilled experience, but generally - from economic stability in the country. There is a work - there will be also a good pension.

About a funded part of pension many already heard, some even managed to receive dividends from promised. Or not so? Correct if was mistaken. In any case, speak, this most favorable part of pension exists and as it is understood, will exist further.

It seemed to you that no changes are visible? But you do not hurry with conclusions. Changes all - are.

Developers enter coefficient which will give the chance to increase its size at later retirement into calculation of basic pension. In case of increase in an experience for 8-10 years the sum of pension will increase twice. You should not rejoice as years through five basic model of pension it is supposed to cancel.

The second. Insurance pension - really the most important part of pension calculations. It is now unprofitable to get paid in envelopes as pension it will become noticeable to depend on an experience and the size of a salary. Work long, receive much - the motto of future pensioners.

It should be added that the tariff of contributions to an insurance pension fund will remain at the same level - 22%, however the threshold of earnings, taxable will increase. At present it makes 568 thousand rubles, in new rules it is suggested to be increased to 1,2 million rubles. And since the rest over this threshold all is it is necessary to pay, but on a privilege - 10%.

That I so lived! At such salary and pension, I think, it is not necessary.

For calculation of future pension, and also, probably, and percent from deposits the calculator which we will soon see on all websites of a pension fund is developed.

Conditions for receiving a grant from the state also change. To receive it, the insurance experience equal to 15 years is entered. But you should not be frightened, it will not be as a stone on the head - it is allowed sparing 10 - a summer transition period.

Also the minimum sum of those contributions which are listed for the worker is determined. Let`s decipher for clearness: to receive such pension, it is necessary to pay 15 years the contributions equal to 2 minimum wage rates, or 30 years, but on 1 minimum wage rate.

And the last: only observance of all these conditions will give the ticket in a provided old age. And if there are no fulfilled and paid years, it is necessary to receive the poverty benefit. And it, misters, not a joke.

So to wish to all pensioners? Live and rejoice. And what? The sun shines for all, thank God, there is a lot of bread.