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How to visit Europe by bus?

Want to share personal experience how to gather and go to bus travel abroad. The travel agency - an optimal variant, is council of the acquaintances and friends who were already using these services. Personally I chose on the Internet, watched ratings, the offered rounds. As a result came to office of agency, and all the rest was very simple. to collect

of Documents a little (photos, passports, the certificate of a salary from the place of work), and they fill in questionnaires.

I am attracted by bus tours, very informatively and interestingly. On the beach to lie above my forces. So I went to Europe by bus. I live in the center of Russia, and to me picked up at once and acquired tickets to Moscow. And so that I did not dangle long at the station, and practically at once went to the place of collecting group.

Groups gather in a certain place, usually early in the morning, hours in 7. The bus approaches, we meet the guide, he distributes passports with the put-down visas, we take seats in the places and - went!

The first moving to border the longest (Moscow-Brest) to go the whole day. On the road each 3 - 4 hours become sanitary stops of minutes on 15 - 30 (a toilet and to warm up). One big stop for lunch in some roadside dining room. But service in such dining rooms at the high level, feed quickly and qualitatively.

Now it is a little about important nuances of bus travel.

There are rounds with various number of night moving. The most convenient and expensive of them - without spending the night in the bus. Every night we will see off in hotel. To whom it is not slept, can wander on vicinities or sit at restaurant, cafe.

Night moving are good the fact that we spend in the cities more time at excursions as the bus manages to reach to the following place of travel. Usually such rounds are two-three days shorter. But at once it is necessary to adjust itself on the fact that sitting to sleep 3 - 4 days is not sugar. And conveniences are minimum. In the bus there is a toilet as a last resort and boiled water that at a stop to drink coffee, tea, to make a soup bag. But all buses of the increased comfort (convenient chairs, the conditioner). Buses of other type just will not let in Europe.

I advise to choose places on the right in the direction of travel. Then before you counter transport will not flash and you will quietly watch a landscape, to see indexes, road signs (personally it is interesting to me).

What with itself to take? Big bag or suitcase. For them there is a place in a luggage compartment. A small city backpack for the camera, prophetic prime necessity, souvenirs which you will buy at excursions. A handbag for documents and money for a belt or with a string on a neck.

It is better to buy currency (euro) in advance. Trifle for 5 - 10 euros - it is obligatory, coins at you will gradually and so be gathered from delivery, they will be necessary for paid toilets, the subway, cafes. It is possible to pay large purchases with a plastic card. They are accepted everywhere. Naturally, are necessary to MasterCard or Visa.

Buy a phrasebook of that country to which you go if you do not know language. On modern smartphones it is possible to download from the Internet. It, in principle, is not obligatory as there is a guide who will always help with communication (if nearby).

Very important in what footwear you will go! Here not to beauty. Better slippers raznoshenny and checked, than fashionable new. On foot it is necessary to pass not one ten kilometers. Take two couples, you will not regret. From outerwear (if, of course, we go not in the winter) well to have an easy, waterproof jacket - a windbreaker with a hood. Will replace an umbrella, will protect from wind and easily is located in a backpack. Such constantly helps out me.

In the bus it is good to have an inflatable pillow - a head restraint, but many use simple small pillows - dumochka. The sweater can be useful, and the Tolstoyan with a hood is better. Those who often go night moving take with themselves even a small blanket!

That`s all, in my opinion, highlights, the rest is simple. Pleasant travel!