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Rudeness? It is defect of

it is possible to Face rudeness anywhere: in public transport, on the street, in shop, at work, on a staircase and, unfortunately, even at home.

Especially often the abuse and swear words, on supervision, fill premises of policlinics and post offices. Reason: violation of sequence. The most widespread, but also, it is necessary to notice, the most decent of phrases which can be heard, such: “You did not stand here!“, “Where you prt?“, “At me without delivery, pass“, “To you - that where to hurry, you on pension!“, “Young, and smart aleck“.

All this takes place to be. Of course, some are guilty that they heard bad words in the address, the behavior they as if purposely run into roughness.

You will not guess the boor in crowd. It as the maniac, looks usually, on the general background is allocated with nothing for the time being. But there was something that prevented it, caused discontent, and rushed: the boor will not begin to be silent, he will state everything that thinks, and he thinks of you precisely badly.

At inclusion in “sect of rudeness“ there are no age limits and a floor. The plump woman with a charming flush on cheeks can appear the boor. You will look at such and you will decide that she is kindness. And as will strike an attitude, will fly into a passion, will open a mouth and will prove in all beauty...

What to tell about sexually anxious fifteen-year-old boys who stick with obscene offers to girls. Having received the negative answer, such muzhchinka are irritated with a rough tirade: as, offended him, allegedly such irresistible. There is a wish to close ears not to hear all this nasty thing.

The pretty fellow of eight years a joy is capable to get nasty remorselessly too. For what? To torment with this question itself it is useless. Do not look for answers, hardly you will find. Of course, it is possible to write off rudeness for bad manners, problems with mentality, but it does not do rudeness less painful and less disgusting. Rudeness has no justification!

How to react to rudeness? To be rude in reply, to snap, attack? Act the majority this way. Being got involved in imaginary dialogue with the provoker, we try to protect ourselves and to put to the place of the impudent person, justifying own obscene behavior with the fact that we have a self-respect (“I will not allow to treat myself so!“).

Responding with roughness to roughness, we play by rules of the boor, he specially provokes the conflict, to it so to live more interesting and more cheerful. Sometimes the elementary situation can be developed so that it develops into quarrel, and verbal sparring to which neither the end nor edge is visible begins. Then you scroll the whole day this situation in the head, remember who that told, and you try to remember, from - for what in general all this began. Nerves are torn, in eyes rage, mood on zero. Unless there is a boor of your attention? Of course, no.

The conflict situation is always a stress which obviously does not add health. And we want to live long and happily. Means, it is better to avoid communication with the boor. Constructive dialogue will not turn out, it is the fact. Do not follow the tastes of the boor, do not contact him. You will begin to be insolent, rude in reply - and, respectively, you will assimilate to the boor, fall to his level. Be higher! It is better not to pile on the agony and to keep a passionless position.

All boors are troublemaking people. However the troublemaking person the princess will never be called. That`s the way the world wags: troublemaking princesses are not, there are troublemaking women.