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Than fullerena are useful?

For the last a couple of decades carbon became one of the most studied chemical elements. The related opening and developments allow to create the new nanomaterials moving forward science and the industry. Practical scope of these researches is wide

- the technician, the electronic engineer, chemical industry, biology, medicine. It allows to claim that carbon - strategic material of the future what is confirmed by the Nobel Prizes in chemistry and physics awarded for opening of new forms of this substance, including fulleren.

Fullerena (other ordinary name of a bakibola) - the chemical compounds which are one of allotropic forms of carbon. Are open in 1985. For the first time fullerena were allocated as a result of impact of a laser beam on graphite in the atmosphere of helium. The most studied and symmetric fulleren represents a hollow molecule with sixty atoms of carbon (C60 is designated), the external structure ideally copying a soccerball. Fullerena by last name the famous American architect - the innovator Fuller developing identical with them on appearance spatial designs are called.

What opening of fulleren besides scientific interest brings in our life? Than they are useful to modern society?

Uniqueness of fulleren is that they possess high stability of rather mechanical and chemical influences. Owing to the structure they were excellent fillers and greasing. Combining in them atoms of various substances, it is possible to create revolutionary materials of the future. The polymers modified by means of fulleren, ceramics, metals gain new qualities of durability and elasticity, their coefficient of friction, intensity of wear and so on significantly decreases. Proceeding from it, the range of possible application of fulleren is very wide - beginning from equipment to medical supplies.

It can be:

optoelectronic devices (heating elements, photoresistors, photodetectors, sensors);

unique coverings and greasings (light-protective, anticorrosive, strengthening, antifrictional);

biomedical products (various medicines, containers for their address delivery, endoprostheses, membranes, cosmetics);

new types of fuel, types of power supplies etc. of

Should be noted that fullerena - an environmentally friendly product that is also important for the modern society aimed at environmental protection.

Thanks to it now fullerena are actively studied and synthesized. In production of fulleren and their practical application Japan and the USA traditionally are in the lead. However and we do not stand apart: in spite of the fact that make this substance in a large number only several countries in the world, Ukraine - among them. There are plants on production of carbon materials, the scientific research organizations and higher education institutions which are engaged in this subject and also a number of the enterprises which are letting out products from carbon materials.