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What saloon procedures for care of skin are most popular?

to our women, and especially to owners of beauty shops, article in which it is told about the most popular saloon procedures will be very useful, the essence of each of them is briefly described and possible cost is specified.

for anybody not a secret that best of all saloon procedures smartly help to look. Professionals are capable to make skin ideal, lines of a body - perfect, and hair - silky. For achievement of such results it is recommended to resort to the following popular saloon procedures.

The modeling alginate mask will present to skin elasticity, shine, freshness and smoothness. The alginates which are its part - the salts extracted from seaweed - promote updating of skin, smooth wrinkles, improve breath of epidermis, strengthen it.

Procedure of drawing a mask lasts about half an hour during which the master will remove a make-up, will clear skin by means of special lotion or a gentle peeling, will apply a mask on skin, will wash away it, will make a cosmetic facial massage. Before applying a mask on skin, the face is accurately processed the looking after serum, essential oils or an emulsion. The master selects an appropriate means, proceeding from problems of skin of the client.

The alginate mask is issued in the form of powder or gel which after drawing on the person stiffens and gets its form. Uniqueness of an alginate mask consists also that it is capable to self-heating thanks to what it improves a metabolism between cells of skin and promotes deeper penetration into hypodermics of nutrients. Removal of a mask comes one movement in the direction from a chin to a forehead.

Only one session will make skin shining, elastic and fresh. But cosmetologists recommend to complete the whole course from five - ten procedures. It is possible to carry out such procedure to 4 - x once a week. The cost of one session can make from 700 to 3000 rubles.

Lamination of hair is recommended first of all to women who possess the dry, weakened, dim hair. By means of such procedure it is possible to restore structure of filaments, to smooth on them all roughnesses and cracks, to eliminate split ends, to make locks more obedient and to add to hair intensive gloss.

Lamination - very simple procedure. At first hair are processed by special nutritious structure which envelops filaments a thin film. This film will become some kind of protection of a hair against negative impact of external factors, and also a source of useful substances with which the hair will be constantly enriched. Lamination costs about 2500 rubles.

A salt peeling of a body - an excellent way to make skin silky and shining. Procedure begins with acceptance of the salt bathtub enriched with essential oils. After that the master carries out a salt peeling of all body therefore from skin the old, died cages are removed that does it humidified and shining. The last stage of procedure - cosmetic massage with use of essential oils. The master selects a combination of these substances depending on requirements of skin. The salt peeling is good the fact that it suits even to people with sensitive skin. The price of a salt peeling makes from 1500 rubles.

I wish that your beauty began to shine with an enormous force, giving all joy!