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What to prepare from fish on Alexey Tyoply?

our Ancestors were more wisely and more acutely us. For them time was estimated not in the days and in the months, and in the holidays in a national calendar. If remembered some event, then spoke: “On Pussy-willow, on the Cover, on Alexey Tyoply“. The last day in a national calendar was celebrated on March 30. Not without reason this penultimate day the people called

warm and noticed: “Alexey - vodotyok - a stream crossed the road, water from mountains went, fish on a camp started, and the winter came to naught“. On Alexey - the Man of God, according to the legend who crossed the sea in a sieve fish, having started from winter quarters, rubbed on coast, and the yearned small fry any bait was enough with greed.

And what man this day will sit at home? Unless he is not a fisherman? And men all village went on the small river on the first spring fishing, and women heated a bath and waited for husbands with a rich catch. And everyone already thought that it will prepare from the small fish brought by the husband, than will please the numerous family.

First course on a country table - of an ear . All know it, but not all can cook a fish soup so that “behind ears cracked“. Here simple and tasty recipe of this dish.

To fill in the cleared fish with cold water, to add the cleared root crops of carrots and parsley, a bulb, salt and to cook to readiness. When fish is ready, it to pull out from broth and to separate from bones. To filter broth. To put in it potatoes cut by straws pepper and bay leaf and again to put on fire. When potatoes cook, to put in fish soup the carrots cut in cubes, green peas and to bring to boiling. To give with the sour cream mixed with crude egg yolks.

Structure: on 1,5 liters of water - 800 g of fish, the 2nd carrots, one root of parsley, 2 bulbs, a half-glass of green peas, a half-glass of sour cream, 2 egg yolks, potatoes, salt, pepper, bay leaf.

It is possible to prepare a pike with horse-radish and oil. To fill up pieces of a boiled pike with grated horse-radish, to pour the boiling oil, to sustain under a cover of 15 - 20 minutes. The horse-radish which is filled in with the boiling oil impacts to a pike juicy relish. To decorate fish with greens.

Structure: on 500 g of fish - 100 g of grated horse-radish and 3 tablespoons of butter, greens, salt to taste.

Fish on - monastically . To roll in the fish cleared and cut on pieces in flour and to fry in the warmed vegetable oil. To separately fry the onions chopped by rings till golden color. To cut the peeled potatoes circles and too to fry. To hard-boil egg. To weld or fry mushrooms. To lay on a baking sheet the prepared products layers: potatoes, fish and then to lay out “scales“ potatoes, onions, egg, mushrooms. To salt, pepper, fill in with sour cream or mayonnaise, to strew with grated cheese and to bake in an oven within 30 - 40 minutes.

Quantity of components - to taste.

I do the simplified option of this dish without egg, potatoes, mushrooms and cheese. I stack fish in a saucepan from fire-resistant glass, from above I put the fried onions, I fill in with the mayonnaise mixed with tomato paste in equal quantities. I put a saucepan in a microwave for 15 - 20 minutes. Vkusnotishcha!

Fish I cook cutlets as well as meat. I add the bread wetted in milk, salt, pepper, eggs to fish forcemeat. I roll cutlets in crackers or in flour and I fry in the warmed oil before formation of a golden crust. The most tasty cutlets turn out from a silver carp.

Structure: on 1 kg of fish - 150 g of white loaf, 1 egg, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, milk.

Love in my family and of the carp baked with onions . To cut a carp portion pieces, to salt, pepper. To fry the onions cut by ringlets on vegetable oil. To slightly fry flour on butter. To oil a big form, to lay out fish, to strew each piece with the fried onions and flour. To pour in vegetable oil and 2 - 3 spoons of hot water. To bake in an oven. To lay out ready food on a dish, around to place buckwheat cereal or fried potatoes.

Structure: 500 - 600 g of fish, 2 onions, 1,5 tablespoons of flour, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of butter, salt and ground pepper to taste.

Well, and finally, overseas recipe. The fish baked on - Algerian .

Small fish to salt, dry, pepper. To cut small two bulbs, parsley greens. To mix. To wrap each small fish sprinkled with this mix in the parchment oiled. To stick on both sides threads that juice did not follow. To keep in an oven of 20 - 25 minutes. To give to a table, having laid out on slightly warmed up dish.

I hope that this year Alexey Tyoply will not bring us, and streamlets will run, at last, and the sun will heat heat and is tender. Kids will run out to the yards and on streets to start up ships on thawed snow. In the people said that if to start up a ship on thawed snow, then to be to a family with a harvest. Only it is necessary to look after children. And that will get wet to the skin, rescuing the small boats and, God forbid, will get sick. Just in case you istopit a bath this day, it also Saturday this year.