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Who moved to USSR / Russia for the last 100 years?

we already talked About emigrants. And to us somebody immigrated? There is such opinion that it is possible to emigrate to Russia only from a bigger poverty. Whether so it?

“Returnees“ are reemigrant

Gorky A. M. there is the Russian writer. In 1921 went abroad from - for aggravations of ideological disagreements with the Soviet power, but in 1932 came back.

Prokofiev S. S. is the Russian and Soviet composer. In 1918 left on foreign tours which dragged on for eighteen years. In 1936 returned to the USSR.

Tolstoy A. N. is the Russian Soviet writer. In 1918 - 1923 was in emigration.

Tsvetaeva M. I. - the Russian poet. In 1922 to it with the daughter Ariadna allowed to go abroad - to the husband. In 1939 returned to the USSR, and on August 31, 1941 committed suicide in Yelabuga.

Her husband Efron S. Ya. the Russian publicist, the writer, the officer of White army, the agent of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs is. On October 10, 1937 he fled from France to the USSR, having been involved in political murder. On October 16, 1941 it was shot.

Her daughter Efron A. S. the translator, the memoirist, the artist is. Left Russia in 1922 together with mother. On March 15, 1937 returned to Moscow, the first of a family having had an opportunity to return home where in 1939 it is repressed (it is rehabilitated in 1955) .

The total of the emigrants of the first wave who came back to Russia by 1938 made nearly 200 thousand people.

Vertinsky A. N. is the Russian variety actor, the singer, the poet. In 1920 it was transported to Constantinople together with White army. Returned from Shanghai to Moscow in 1943 with the wife and the daughter Marianna. Anastasia Vertinskaya was born already in the USSR.

After war of all over 20 thousand people returned to the USSR for January 1, 1950. Foreign citizens

After the end of civil war in Spain many republicans found

a shelter in the USSR.

Ibarruri D. G. (Super activist) - the figure of the Spanish and international communistic movement. A long time lived in the USSR (at the beginning of 1960 - x years obtained the Soviet citizenship).

Her son Ibarruri R. R. is the Hero of the Soviet Union, the captain. In 1935 after arrest of mother left in the USSR. Died in 1942 near Stalingrad.

Mercader Ramone (Ramon Ivanovich Lopez) is the Hero of the Soviet Union, the agent of the Soviet bodies of state security, it is known as Lev Trotsky`s murderer. Completely left 20 - a summer imprisonment term in Mexico, it was released in 1960 and it is delivered to Cuba, and then transported to the USSR. Was an employee of Institute of Marxism-Leninism at the Central Committee of CPSU.

Now in Russia there were only about 500 “old“ Spaniards.

Other political immigrants in the USSR

By 1937 the number of political emigrants, first of all from Germany, made 4 thousand people. Almost all of them were repressed. V.`s peak - one of founders of the German Communist Party. In 1935 appeared in Moscow. In 1945 returned to Berlin and in 1949 after formation of GDR became its first and only president. Ulbrikht V. - the head of GDR. In 1933 emigrated from Germany and soon moved to Moscow. In 1945 comes back to Germany. Both of them escaped during Stalin repressions - someone should have headed New Germany!

Kuusinen O. V. - the Finnish and Soviet politician, Hera of Socialist Work. In 1918 ran in RSFSR. Right after the beginning of “not well-known“ war in 1939 it was appointed the head of a puppet government of “the Finnish Democratic Republic“. Due to the refusal of plans of the Government of the USSR of annexation of territory of Finland, Kuusinen`s government was dismissed in 1940

of Netto A. G. - the Estonian emigrant, the participant of Civil war. His son Igor Netto is the Soviet football player, the Olympic champion of 1956

Pontekorvo B. M. - the Italian and Soviet physicist, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Participated in the British nuclear project in Harwell. Performed tasks of the Soviet investigation. In 1950, having interrupted holiday in Italy, took off for Stockholm and through Finland arrived to the USSR. Being a pacifist, refused to participate in the Soviet nuclear project. Founder of physics of a neutrino of high energiya. Died in Dubna.

Pugo K. Ya. the participant of Civil war, the red “Latvian shooter“ is, in 1930 - e worked with in Moscow in People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. His son Pugo B. K. - Soviet party and the statesman, the member of notorious GKCHP. Committed suicide on August 22, 1991 of

of Filbi To. - one of heads of the British intelligence, the communist, the agent of the Soviet investigation since 1933. In 1963 it is illegally transported to the USSR. Lived and died in Moscow.

Special immigrants

of Messing V. G. - the variety actor (psychic) acting in the USSR with telepathy sessions, the honored artist of RSFSR. Native of Poland. In 1939 after the beginning of World War II ran in the USSR. Died in Moscow.

Depardieu Ge. - one of the most popular actors not only in France, but also it is far beyond its limits. On January 1, 2013 the Russian President V. V. Putin signed the decree on granting the Russian nationality to it. On January 11, 2013 Depardieu gave the rank “The honourable Udmurt“. Officially received registration to the address: Saransk, Demokraticheskaya St., 1.

Guest workers

By rough estimates now in Russia of more of 10 million immigrants from China, Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Are engaged in housing sectors, services and in construction.

the Former residents of federal republics

In 1992 - 1997 to the country drove of 5 million immigrants from the republics of the former USSR. And, for example, in 2007 to Russia moved to a residence of 260 thousand immigrants . - sources entered the top ten of the countries: Ukraine (33 000), Kazakhstan (32 520), Uzbekistan (30 000), Kyrgyzstan (10 000), Mongolia (9000), Arab countries (8500), countries of Africa (7700), Turkmenistan (6000), China (6000) and Belarus (5000).

So the opinion mentioned in the first paragraph, mistakenly.