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Who such soldier? The reverse of the medal of

Of course, and it is so clear who such soldier. Formally. But it is possible to consider also other party of this question which it is not visible behind the arch of the Prohibitions, duties, rules, formalities etc.

Whether it be the soldier of conscription or contract service is, in fact, the hostage of a military duty obliged to execute orders of seniors on a rank. It is a human resource, and use it for the benefit of the state, whatever these interests were. And the state - the concept in this case extensible, can also mean both the president, and the commander of any division.

What thinks what wants soldiers - it interests nobody. Fighting unit has to work. The rest is minor or in general it is unimportant.

Of course, a time of soldiers works really with the good purposes. But not always. Speaking a simple language, he can be both the good uncle, and bad. Everything is relative. Such is service, and of the soldier there is no choice. Or is?.

Today he can swear on fidelity to the country and to be ready to guard its territories. And tomorrow in power there can be absolutely inadequate people or inveterate bandits who will begin to give the gangster orders which are not fitting in in any framework of common sense, humanity and morals. For example, to destroy the country and to kill the people. Well, or others country and others people.

It, certainly, is necessary to someone on temper. But not all. Not everyone is ready to go with the weapon on unarmed, to kill the innocent, to destroy the or others country. But, nevertheless, will go and will kill, and will destroy.

It is interesting what we would hear in response to the simple question “why“?

Perhaps, “I just execute the order“, “all shoot, and I shoot“, or “if I refuse, then I will be shot“. Or perhaps “I shoot because I protect interests of the country“ … Or answers absolutely other character, for example: “I hate them, they are enemies“, or “I shoot because it is interesting, it is pleasant to me“, or “I shoot because well pay me for it“ …

Can be continued, likely, further. But we will not go deep into conjectures. It is clear one - all people different; at everyone the motives and the priorities. And degree of a zapudrennost of brains.

The state can play upon patriotic heartstrings or impose some other ideology, trying though a little to dump from itself responsibility freight. However hardly something changes it.

Someone, certainly, will refuse to submit and deserts (from - for fear of death or just without wishing to kill) and by that will acquire the dirty status of the traitor and traitor of the homeland. And someone, maybe, will even deserve a medal. For diligence. Also will be proud of it, without reflecting absolutely what “reverse side“ and “price“ of such award?

All morally - ethical foundations of the certain person are crushed totally by global political, economic or military interests of the country (or in general any left countries, powerful).

But who knows, maybe, once on the question “who do I am is a slave … or I have the right?“ of soldiers will receive a concrete, definite answer. And also on questions “what for?“, “why?“, “for whom?“ and “for what?“. But most likely, the answer will be, as usual, extremely washed away and veiled.