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Whether ordinary water our organism can treat?

I Can imagine scepticism on faces of readers: “Ordinary water? Yes it only also suits for satisfying thirst and to cook food“. Hold your horses. Let`s talk about it in more detail. the Human body for centuries-old history of the evolution adapted with

to use only natural water as drink. She freely comes to all cages of an organism and takes active part in their activity.

And what is drunk by us? Tea, coffee, lemonade, juice (after thermal processings), beer, alcohol in different options, and we are quite sure that these drinks are sufficient to satisfy thirst, to lift a tone and to feel healthy.

Let`s look, whether so at it. We drank 100 grams of vodka, 40% are the share of alcohol, 60% - of water. Unfortunately, these 100 grams did not satisfy our thirst. Why? Yes because alcohol possesses the strong dehydrating action, exhausting water from cages of our organism!

Second example: the person was wrecked in the sea, there is no fresh water. He tries to satisfy thirst with sea water. The salts dissolved in sea water block water inflow in cages and fabrics. The human body is dehydrated even more. Eventually, he is doomed to death if the help does not appear in time in time. The drinks containing sugar also promote organism dehydration.

Water in a human body is not a certain neutral environment. She is the main participant of the biochemical reactions happening in cages and fabrics. Water - good solvent for the majority of substances, and it takes active part in power supply of many physiological processes.

As a result of the continuous use of the drinks containing salt, sugar and alcohol there is constant dehydration of cages. Fortunately, in our organism there is a short-term emergency protection against dehydration. If it comes owing to any processes, then the organism begins to develop a mediator - a histamine . It helps to prevent shortage of water.

How it works? It blocks loss of water through lungs, filling bronchial tubes with slime that they did not dry up. The histamine can strengthen secretion of a stomach that the food was digested quicker at a lack of water there. By means of this mediator there is a redistribution of water in an organism from minor bodies in main. I can notice that joints, skin, a thick gut belong to minor bodies. Such redistribution of water in an organism quite is enough to endure short-term dehydration.

What I exist symptoms of dehydration of an organism? For example, dryness in a mouth. But it is very overdue sign as dehydration began slightly earlier. The following stage of dehydration are pains in various parts of a body, or an exacerbation of chronic diseases which often do not contact shortage of water.

Some people, feeling thirst, take this signal for hunger. Then they try to fill a lack of moisture with reception it with food. At approach of such state one glass of water can “banish“ feeling of hunger.

If you are an owner of some chronic disease, then take advices of your treating doctor. But nobody to you will forbid to make experiment with water. Refuse for the period of an exacerbation of a disease any drinks except water. Drink water for half an hour to food and in 2 hours later. The daily water consumption has to make 6 - 8 glasses.

During the forced reception of water it is very useful to monitor work of kidneys. If you noticed that you visit on small need a toilet more often, and color of urine light, then everything is all right. If color of urine darkly - orange or brown and it is distinguished a little, then experiment is better to stop and address the doctor.

Long-term experience of treatment of patients by means of pure drinking water yielded positive results. Symptoms of chronic diseases of which, appear, it is impossible to get rid almost completely disappear. However process of balneotherapy takes several weeks, and it is not necessary to count on instant result. If your state gradually begins to improve, then it is a good sign. Means, the reason of your illness - deficiency of water in an organism.

If you have favourite drinks which consumption it is difficult for you to refuse, then nobody to you forbids to drink them. The glass of beer or a cup of coffee will not prevent your organism if you are healthy. But you hold thought in the head: if I often take dehydrating drinks, then it should be compensated by an additional water consumption that in an organism the normal water balance remained.

Who is warned, that is armed. Now you know that some drinks lead to organism dehydration. With the advent of symptoms of any diseases it is useful to reconsider the flavoring habits and to add to the diet several glasses pure natural water which will help to cope with an illness.