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Alison Lapper: artist of life?

Alison Lapper (Alison Lapper) was born on April 7, 1965 in Britain. Mother refused her in maternity hospital as Alison had no hands, and legs were shorter than norm three times (later it became clear that it happened from - for the fact that mother took a toxicosis pill). So Alison got to a shelter for children - disabled people.

in three years she found interest in drawing. In spite of the fact that tutors supported her hobby, in general customs in a shelter were cruel - without supervision pupils could fight and bite till it bleeds, and some teachers dared to scoff at children.

In eighteen years Alison made the decision - after release from charity school to continue training in college and to try to live independently. She arrived on faculty of painting and architecture, rented apartment with the girlfriend, posed for photoclasses and classes of drawing from nature, began to communicate much. Even before the termination of college Alison married, but marriage was unsuccessful - the spouse began to show aggression in relation to it. After its next attempt to beat it she filed for divorce, without doubting that the violence cannot be suffered, and that it will be by all means happy.

In 90 - e years of the last century it was already known as the artist drawing by means of a mouth; its works participated in exhibitions, and the sculptor Mark Kuinn (Marc Quinn) who just looked for model for the next composition learned about it. But Alison responded with unambiguous refusal to Kuinn`s proposal: one business to be represented at student`s works for which she posed in studios of college, and absolutely another - to work with the famous sculptor. Besides it had a torrid love affair, and it all was absorbed by feelings.

But Mark called Alison in several months, more precisely, almost in a year, and once again asked to participate in its project. “I am afraid, this time you will refuse“, - she told. Mark took an interest in what business. It turned out that Alison expected a baby and was on the fifth month of pregnancy. “So it will even be better“, - he told, and their cooperation began with this conversation. Alison was ready to pose for hours, despite back pains. This work meant to it much, she distracted from personal tragedy - the father of the child stopped any communication with it after learned about her pregnancy.

So there was a sculpture which in 2005 took the place on one of four pedestals of the Trafalgar Square in London. In 2012 the copy of this sculpture became a symbol of the XIV summer Paralympic Games which took place in the capital of Great Britain.

Who is she, Alison Lapper? Perhaps, to answer unambiguously this question difficult. But all answers do not match the appearance of Alison which is evident in the first seconds of viewing of her photos in any way. She, undoubtedly, the woman with character and with self-respect, it is happy mother of the growing-up Peris, she is an artist, she is the author of the book who had enough self-irony to call the autobiography the motto of own way: “My life in my hands“.