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Rest abroad: individual or package tour?

At the Soviet power, in principle, it was possible to go abroad, but only units had such opportunity. As soon as “Iron Curtain“ failed, Russians could go to travel out of borders of the country without special problems. As there was a demand, also offers appeared. Every second resident of Russia can tell

without special aplomb that he was abroad the country. Let`s not take the closest abroad of the former Soviet Union, we will turn the eyes on distant. what travel begins


As a rule, the desire is, the possibilities are considered, the way of implementation of a trip is chosen.

The simplest - to address to travel agency (travel agency) or to the tourist operator (tour operator). I will explain difference at once.

The tour operator has the right and opportunities “to develop“ a tourist product (to sign contracts directly with hotels, airlines, with other representatives of tourist services), which is sold then by travel agencies. Often the operator offers the product to direct buyers too, i.e. to us, consumers, practically at the same prices.

What is this most tourist product?

It is a ready set of tourist services, i.e. a package. As a rule, it includes the air ticket on flight there and back, a transfer (delivery in and from hotel, moving from the city to the city, from the country to the country), accommodation in hotel with the chosen food, the health insurance. The package can include various additional services: excursions, visa, any actions, individual transfer.

What happen rounds?

a Variety of rounds can satisfy with

any taste.

Beach rest includes, as a rule, rest in the sea, oceanic or lake resort.

Improving rest means stay in medical resorts.

Excursion round is characterized by visit of several cities or even countries.

Alpine skiing round is an active recreation in ski resorts.

Diving - rounds for fans of a diving are connected with rendering of services for divers. This stay on a water transport or on the coast near places of immersions.

For the most refined fans of extreme sports trackings, for example, conquest of mountain tops or backpackings are offered: pedestrian, water, horse.

The wedding, event rounds connected with certain calendar dates also become rather popular recently for persons interested to carry out rest on - special.

Ecotours became popular in Europe. Here to you will suggest to live outdoors on some farm, mastering rural life.

We will not forget about sea cruises on ocean liners.

Also there are combined rounds in combination with any of the types listed.

Where to buy tour?

Considering specifics of that and others, it should be noted that the tour operator sells only the packages, and travel agency - tourist products of several tour operators. And every day travel agents receive electronic mailing with the most interesting offers from tour operators who, besides, organize seminars and promo tours for managers of agencies. The last work for percent (from 2% to 12%) therefore has the right to dispose of it that can affect a discount for the buyer. Often for a binding to themselves of the tourist both those, and others give discount cards (from 2% to 10%).

Both representatives of tourist branch have the register number which can be learned on the official site of agency on tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for tour operators and on the website of the All-Russian general register of travel agencies. to Buy

in advance or to wait for “last-minute tour“?

is a matter of taste. You want to receive a wide choice - think in advance especially as on “early booking“ always the good prices. Then they can change and not always towards reduction. Last-minute tours, as a rule are unsold or “negative places“. As will carry.

the Health insurance

Going abroad according to the tour the health insurance is obligatory for

. Its cost depends on the country, age of the tourist and on a type of rest:

Europe - 1 euro a day.

the USA and the distant countries - 2 dollars a day.

Egypt etc. - 1 dollar a day.

For people 65 years - 2 - y coefficient are more senior.

For an extreme type of rest also 2 - y coefficient.

Air flight

For flights on the mass directions tour operators organize charter flights. On the others will offer you air tickets on regular flights to in advance redeemed blocks of places, and they can be “rigid“, i.e. not subject to return, or “soft“ - with different degree of a refund in case of the reasoned refusal of a trip according to the signed contract of rendering tourist services.

Several councils

At the choice of the seller consult to friends and acquaintances, read responses on the Internet, walk on the website of travel company, check its number in the register. You can even call and try to estimate goodwill of the attitude of employees towards the potential buyer.

For saving of time choose the nearby address of travel agency.

If on the website presented a booking system, that is probability, as visit of office can be excluded as introduction of electronic tickets, vouchers for land services (accommodation in hotel, a transfer, excursions, etc.) and the health insurance it is possible to receive to the address of the e-mail, the main thing, its existence.

do not forget to study attentively before the contract of travel agency, to take an interest about rules of annulment of round and a refund.

can make Payment of a trip at office, in the Internet - bank or in bank on the invoice. If you pay with the cash card take an interest what percent of recipient`s bank will be.

At the independent choice of the resort, hotel, number or a type of food try to collect as much as possible information and to analyse it.

Try not to use services of excursion bureaus on the place, they practically do not bear responsibility for your safety and quality of service. Do not feel sorry for means and buy excursions from tour operator whose package you got.

Pay attention to safety in the country of residence and national specifics.

needs to remind that to the Russians who are in EU countries and also Switzerland, Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey, in case of need, it is possible to address to service of the emergency help at any time, having taken 112.

of Caution

That the embarrassment at registration of trip abroad did not leave, check period of validity of your international passport. In the different countries the requirements, irrespective of need of registration of the entry visa.

Think in advance of registration of the international passport (officially 1 month). But know that the Capital management of FMS of Russia does not render paid services in urgent registration of international passports. Only in need of the emergency medical treatment abroad, and also in case of an illness or death of the close relative abroad procedure will occupy 3 working days. Be attentive and do not come across a hook of swindlers.

If you have reasons to worry about implementation of the conceived trip, can issue an insurance from not departure which works prior to the beginning of a trip.

All in your hands and hands of professionals in which you will trust. And individuals or independent travelers are separate categories of tourists.

Pleasant rest!