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Malicious applications: from where they undertake and how to fight with them?

the Computer virus are such program which is capable to create independently the copies, to take root into other programs, into system areas of disk memory of the computer, to extend on communication channels, interrupting and breaking their work, deleting or damaging files, file systems and components of the computer, preventing as a result normal work of users.

Why in general people write these malicious applications? Some programmers belonging to people of harmful temper (it in pleasure to spoil somewhere, to break a window, to scratch others car, etc.) see in it peculiar, only to them clear “trick“. Some write them for the purpose of sale. And some pursue very specific goals: destruction of any database, extermination of competitors, breaking and plunder of passwords and data, correction, distortion of

given etc. Function of any anti-virus program consists in identification of the infected object, detection of the harmful agent and his deactivation. Deactivation of a virus consists in shutdown of an active virus and blocking of its further start.

However the virus can show nothing the presence, the infected program can work in the usual mode, but the file affected with a virus often contains all components necessary for its restoration.

How all - to be saved from computer viruses? First of all, as it is banal sounds, - vigilance and attentiveness. Any messages from strangers by e-mail or ICQ for safety always need to be considered as suspicious, especially if to you suggest to open a link, to start the file and so on. It is important to pay attention to trifles - often the letters written by malefactors contain grammatical mistakes.

It is always also very important to pay attention to the address which is registered in a line of the browser. For example, creators of the websites - fakes make the address of the infected resource very similar to the address of the popular, credible website. Let`s say rearrange in places two letters, add or delete one - two symbols etc. of

During the work with mail do not open spam - messages and under no circumstances do not start the files sent to them.

Besides, never connect to the computer of the USB stick and do not insert CD - and DVD - disks without check by an antivirus. And the antivirus has to have anti-virus bases in this case the freshest.

The anti-virus programs which recommended in a sebyanailuchshy way:

Avast - a full-fledged antivirus for use on the home PC;
of Dr. Web - an antivirus for scanning, identification and destruction of malicious software;
of Avira Free Antivirus - also offers effective protection against viruses;
of Kaspersky AVP Tool - the utility for scanning and removal of viruses from your computer;
of Panda Cloud Antivirus - the first free antivirus which work is based on the principle of “cloudy“ protection;
of AVG Anti - Virus Free - the protection against viruses and spies available to free downloading.