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Alexey Vorobyov in the movie “Three Days of the Lieutenant Kravtsov“

“Early still to die!“ - so many Red Army men believed, but fascist bullets did not divide the similar statement. The lieutenant Kravtsov in the movie “Three Days of the Lieutenant Kravtsov“ at first seemed to me exorcized. The mortar mine pierced in tverd lands in meter, pochinay, from his head and, undoubtedly, had to carry it - the head - on the smallest pieces. But the mine did not work! Pierced and stiffened, with the turning flight stabilizer. “Early still to die!“ To them, 20 - to summer boys, always early to die.

Surprisingly, the movie tragic, but turned out ridiculous in some sense. Ridiculous orders of command that claim hundreds of the lives of ordinary fighters which are beaten out by splinters of an eye of fighters hand-to-hand fight where the head to the enemy is carried a cobble-stone, all this does not promote laughter. But that is why - that in places ridiculously. The black humour appears in the movie. Miraculously, but even when everything is covered with blood around, people find in themselves to see comical. Authors of the project could just bring “pepper“ of soldier`s humour in a hot dish under the name “Three Days of the Lieutenant Kravtsov“.

(Actor Alexey Vorobyov) authors of a picture placed the main character Kravtsov from “uchebka“ where he and “did not smell gunpowder“ but only he studied the Charter, on a front line. IT was PLACED IN HELL. And at the young man at once all knowledge took off from the head. He cannot understand anything yet. The chamber shows Kravtsov`s eyes, is dumbfounded blinking and disappointed. “I could not lift a company in attack!“ - he complains about himself. And the fact that the order of command is criminal and infantry is thrown on mortars and machine guns on the open district, it so far not really - that also understands. To it to rejoice that he by miracle survived again. “Platoon on average there live three days“ - this mathematical statement of one clever man. Just statistics. These three days are also shown fixedly by authors of the movie.

In “Three days of the lieutenant Kravtsov“ there are a lot of successful shots. Something is cast even by young Nikita Mikhalkov`s works. For example, frankly speaking, a scene when under music in slow-motion shot Yury Bogatyrev`s character in civil war rides across the field in dust with brother-soldiers in “At home among strangers, others among the“ left very memorable. I remember in the childhood dropped a boyish tear when viewing this piece of a picture. And in “Three days of the lieutenant Kravtsov“ already in the following war - The Second World War - fighters of Red Army of another absolutely of generation also sit under a pouring rain in an entrenchment and sincerely laugh loudly. As children! Saw ridiculous drawing. But at the same time about twenty minutes ago a HALF of their company killed in attack. “For the Homeland, for Stalin! “

Characters of heroes of a picture left very convex, and that constraint, artificial stiffness is not in their conflicts that it is so strongly inherent in modern Russian and foreign movies.

The female role of Olesya (actress Ksenia Surkova) is executed in simple tones. Practically we will not hear the uniform word from the character of the actress. But where there are no words, other things act forward. Her eyes are remembered by the purity and such “forest“ beauty.

Strangely enough, but on the example of the picture “Three Days of the Lieutenant Kravtsov“ once again you understand as far as nevertheless war is unfair. The last lines in an ending arouse not only indignation, but also human offense much of affairs in our life in general. But: “Times do not choose. Live in them, and die“

the Director Alexander Daruga created the project which causes respect not only for authors, but also for ours grandfathers and to great-grandfathers, grandmothers and grandfathers that forged the Victory and saved the country from total cleaning from all live fascists.

I estimated the movie without hesitation of

of 10 of 10.