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Pkhali is different - white, green, red … Let`s prepare?

From a pkhala the situation are quite so - types of this dish great variety. It can be prepared practically from any product of a phytogenesis - spinach and beet leaves first of all, cabbage, a nettle, an asparagus … Well, from any edible leaves. We will learn to do pkhal classical - of spinach or of leaves of a young alison.

It is a dish in Georgia - one of the most popular. Any holiday does not do without several types of a pkhala on a table, he is trained just like that in the spring when fresh spinach is available for sale and the beetroot gives young leaflets. Pkhali is the homogeneous dense mass which can be used as a garnish or as an independent dish. Videla on the Internet of the photo of sandwiches from a pkhala, but in the homeland of a pkhala (in the Caucasus and it is concrete in Georgia) it is so not eaten - it is stacked a flat circle on a big plate, from there shifted to the and eaten with a fork.

Pkhali is very loved by those who hold a post. Since morning bypassed several shops where sell any food “on carrying out“ in the portions, and in everyone in department of ready food there are pkhal, quite often several types. We will not buy ready though it is fresher also very tasty, we will prepare it, it is easy! The recipe will contain two ingredients at your choice - spinach or leaves of a red beetroot. Do green of spinach pkhat, from burachny leaves - dark, it is bright - crimson. It is impossible to mix them - and taste will be unclear, and color will deteriorate. In advance be defined from what you will prepare, and in a kind way.

Necessary products:

Spinach or leaves of a young red beetroot - 10 bunches (is possible more, these greens uvarivatsya strongly, from 10 bunches will leave approximately once well to eat a dish to a family of four people).

the Walnut - about 200 g

Bunch of green cilantro.

have some hop - sunel.

Several garlic gloves.

A little wine vinegar (or the divorced acetic essence).

Salt, black ground pepper. Again we will face

the same problem, as when cooking oxalic borsch - spinach or burachny leaves very dirty! In the most thorough way we touch, we throw out the sluggish or spoiled leaves, we cut off small stalks end-to-end to backs. But do not throw out small stalks, they are very tasty!

In a big pan with the boiling water all touched spinach is showered (or burachny leaves). We allow to begin to boil and let will boil minutes two - three, long it is not necessary to boil, try small stalks on softness - if they were boiled thoroughly, we switch off water. It is possible to throw at once all contents of a pan in a big sieve and to allow to flow down. It is possible just to allow to cool down to such state not to burn.

Now we begin to work hands. Has to tell that practically all dishes of Georgian cuisine are loved that they were done by hands - tkemal, sacivi, a bazha, and pkhat not an exception. Our task - to wring out pkhal as it is possible better from water. If greens flew down in a big sieve, we take from there spinach (or burachny leaves) portions that were located in two hands, and vigorously we wring out very much. If greens at you in a pan - we catch it from there in the same approximately quantity, we wring out.

While the basis of a pkhala cooked, we will prepare a nut. We pass it via the meat grinder twice. It is important, in pkhal there has to be a notable taste of a nut, but it should not get stuck in teeth in any way. We pass green cilantro and garlic via the meat grinder.

And now turn to go via the meat grinder and to previously wrung out spinach. We pass it in big deep capacity and we begin to add all the rest there, very carefully mixing. It is a nut, green cilantro, hop - sunel, garlic. We interfere all this with hands, in parallel adding vinegar, salt and black pepper, and therein we taste. As soon as in your capacity there is a homogeneous mass green (or crimson) colors, salted and peppered to your taste - means, pkhal is ready. It gives all the best on plates, is decorated usually with pomegranate kernels.

According to the same recipe it is possible to prepare pkhal from cabbage, it will be not less tasty and white color. Green pkhal still do of a nettle or missed a bit (missed a bit in Georgia it is considered a weed, grows on cuttings down and on edge of the wood, but it is very tasty just boiled with vinegar or in pkhal).

Use this recipe, a dish very tasty and useful. Try to prepare pkhal not only from spinach or a burachny leaf. Appetite pleasant to all!