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“The Hound of the Baskervilles“ exists?

This story, maybe, will surprise or will even revolt those who have a dog. But agree that dogs are different: small and big, sentry, combative, hunting, guides... I will approach this question from the unusual party.

dogs who are not forgotten Are. I will begin the story with a pleasant meeting. At the beginning of 80 - x years I with friends went in the regular bus to country walk. On a back seat of the bus the guy with the girl went, with them there was a dog of a collie of magnificent beauty. The bus reached to the village, a final destination, and all passengers went out of the bus. The last left a collie. It stirred up the wool so proudly that deserved delighted exclamations of passengers and peasants which stood idle here. The guy with the girl went on the road conducting from the village, and we followed them.

Suddenly one small doggie darted off and with loud bark rushed for a collie. Boys whistled and began to shame a doggie:

- You think, she will be frightened of you?

The doggie barked furiously, appear, now will reach and will bite. A collie, without stopping, turned the head and haughtily looked at a doggie. It seemed, she asked: it you to me?

The doggie sharply slowed down and, is guilty having begun to whimper, moved back back. The laughter stood on all street - it was seen by all. The village remained behind, the guy with the girl reached a fork and turned on the left, we went further. A collie stopped in confusion, ran up to us, began to wag a tail as if inviting aside where her owners left, then reconciled to a situation and ran to the.

But there is also an unpleasant reminiscence though I did not see a dog, but heard. For the first time I got acquainted with detective stories and novels at the beginning of 70 - x years. My aunt had a good library, and I stayed with it in the summer. Spent all evenings with the book, sitting in a chair it is close from an open window. From time to time I cautiously glanced at darkness behind the window opened wide open. Read detective stories and convinced herself that all these stories invented that the author has a rich imagination. Then I read the novel Conan of Doyle: “The Hound of the Baskervilles“.

In 1981 there was a television version “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles“. The movie was pleasant to me though to watch it was horrible: disturbing music, the peculiar voice of the main character disappearing in fog keb - the movie from beginning to end keeps the viewer in suspense. The present detective story is submitted to me such. But the most important in the movie - chilling bark of a monster. I was sure that it is the imagination of the author, but once I had to hear the present The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Several years I gave private lessons of computer literacy - trained in skills of use of programs of those to whom it is not convenient for any reasons to attend courses. Somehow time I was called by the young woman and we agreed about occupations in time, convenient for it. Call her to Lucina, it has two children: the daughter then was nine months old, and the son is 6 years old. She wanted to study the Photoshop. Explained to Lucina where lives, and I went by the appointed o`clock.

Lucina lived on the second floor of the five-storey building. The entrance was from the yard, and on side of the street on the first floor there was a female hairdressing salon. When I entered an entrance, became puzzled because the entrance was built up, is somehow unusually overloaded. Existence of a hairdressing salon confused me: the second floor, apart from it? Rose by the second floor and for some reason I was overcome by doubts: can, to me to rise by the third? Did not begin to think long and rose by the following floor. Knocked at a door on that party as explained to Lucina. At first there were no sounds, then the female voice asked:

- To you whom?

- Lucina, - I answered.

- Etazhem is lower, - the woman told.

I went down, called a door, opened for me Lucina. We got acquainted, an hour and a half were engaged in the Photoshop. It was to Lucina sociable young mother. While we were engaged, her daughter slept. When the girl woke up, and the speech could not be about the computer. We finished a lesson. We with Lucina agreed about the following lesson.

The following lesson began well. However, the daughter to Lucina woke up slightly earlier, than we finished a lesson, and Lucina had to put her in walkers that it did not disturb us. The girl was cheerful. When I explained something to Lucina, the baby pulled me a sleeve, demanding that I addressed her. I looked at the child and dictated to mother - to Lucina made at myself entries. Generally, it was cheerful: the girl rejoiced, clapped as if she understood about what the speech.

Suddenly from above such terrible bark was heard that at me and the truth hair bristled.

- “The Hound of the Baskervilles“, - with horror in a voice whispered I, looking on Lucina. - Over you there lives “The Hound of the Baskervilles“?

- Yes, - sadly said to Lucina.

- And often she barks? You have small children. Though it is difficult to get used to such bark and the adult.

- If you see it, then would be frightened. My parents had a dog, but this of the size of a horse, - told Lucina. - One night we all family faced this dog at an entrance. Already darkened when we approached an entrance, suddenly from there to us the huge dog towards ran out. Children were frightened. The husband abused owners. The owner justified himself, said that the dog does not bite.

- All owners of dogs so speak. It is surprising when I came to you for the first time, by mistake rose and knocked at their door, however bark was not.

- Thank God, she not always barks. Probably, the beggar came today and therefore the dog began a bark. Among beggars there are bad people. Dogs feel bad people.

- Well, I have to rejoice that good. But if she then began a bark, I with fear would escape and did not begin to go here.

Me not to understand those people who houses hold big dogs. A small dog in the house - it is clear, but big... A dog not a teddy bear whom it is possible to put where - nibud, this living being. The dog needs to move: to run, jump. And in the apartment where to move? It is clear, if it is the big private house with own yard. It is unlikely it is pleasant to neighbors to listen to such bark. However, who thinks of neighbors now? Is also such who holds dogs that people around were afraid of them.