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How to multiply peonies?

Few years ago I noticed that the peony bush under a window strongly expanded. And it is more difficult to look after it, and beauty only in one place. Decided to seat it rather to multiply. That to make everything by rules, re-read a heap of literature, listened to councils of skilled flower growers and started business. Now I can share own experience.

are generally made multiple copies by peonies division of a bush or kidneys, sometimes in work layers or stem shanks are used. It already - as at whom better turns out.

As business was in the early spring, there was no wish to wait till fall, I decided to try a way of reproduction, new to myself - undercutting of a bush without full excavation . However, it takes more time, but the result is yielded by good and it is considered one of perspective. There is only one rule: reproduction of a bush an undercut is suitable for an adult plant, 7 - 10 years are not younger.

As soon as weather settled and there took place threat of frosts, I undermined a peony on depth of 20 cm, accurately shoveled the soil and sharp cut off the top part of a bush. It is not required to us any more. The cut has to be one and equal (not to saw a bush a stupid shovel!) it becomes 5 - 7 cm below than renewal kidneys. Filled up a rhizome with the nutritious garden soil and left till fall of next year. Let gains strength before change on the new place. The reproduction period at this way, as usual - August-September. When dug out a bush, it already easily broke up to allotments: rhizome pieces with a root and kidneys of renewal. Before landing to the new place dipped allotments at several o`clock into the pastelike clay talker (on 10 l of water, 50 g of a copper vitriol and 500 g of ashes). It is ready. But if there is no such talker, it is possible and to do without her.

In other cases I divide bushes of peonies root shanks . This way autumn. It is so possible to divide bushes from 3 - 4 years, but it is better if they reached 6 - 8 summer age, the most qualitative landing material turns out.

Read that it is not recommended to grow up a uterine bush on one place more than 8 years. He often is surprised decay and will not be able to give good posterity any more. However, at the neigbour the big bush of a peony grows on one place of nearly 20 years and pleases her every season with plentiful blossoming and wonderful aroma, but you should not risk, and that it is possible and to be left without flowers.

From the middle of August and until the end of September I begin to divide a bush. If weather dry and warm, it is possible to take also the first decade of October. Completely I dig out a bush, I wash under a stream of water and I leave in a shadow for 6 hours that podvyala korneklubn. Then they become softer. I cut off stalks on height of 10 - 15 cm from a rhizome and carefully I hammer a wooden stake into that place where least of all kidneys. Thus, the bush is broken off on 2 parts.

I try to divide a rhizome into the greatest possible quantity of landing parts - allotments. The main thing that each allotment had 3 - 5 kidneys and a small piece korneklubnya - 2 - 3 pieces long slightly more than 10 cm. I cut off old and sick parts of korneklubny the sharp razor to healthy white fabric, and what I will put, at several o`clock I lower in weak solution of potassium permanganate. Disinfection is finished.

Plentifully I powder cuts and places of cleaning with pounded coal (pieces from a campfire) and in such look for days I leave in a shadow. This procedure is necessary for formation of a pith layer on cuts, it will protect fabrics from penetration of an infection. Before landing to the new place I try to take allotments several hours in the clay talker. I wrote about it above. Here and all knowledge in reproduction of favourite flowers.

As I do not consider myself as the beginning flower grower any more, willingly I will share some working councils.

If peonies long do not blossom, so mistakes when landing are made:

- korneklubn deeply or are small put to the earth;

- the plant “starves“ or, on the contrary, is overfed with nitrogen fertilizers;

- very large allotments;

- lack of moisture of the soil.

And still: you should not replace often peonies from place to place and to cut off flowers in unlimited number. Let are pleasing to the eye on a bed. Then they will also blossom longer and more magnificently.