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“Land of the Lost: Island of dinosaurs“. What learns this animated film to and whether children should watch it?

For four teenagers there came the star instant! Still, they were told that they passed incredibly difficult casting and now full hosts of the new television project - “ series the last hero“. Children are happy as their cherished dream came true and they will become at last popular. are clear to

of their desire, but in practice everything leaves absolutely differently, than they imagined earlier. So, teenagers, without expecting that, get to the real forgotten jungle located somewhere in South Africa. Their inhabitants are prehistoric dinosaurs and cave people who do not wish to live in peace at all, and conduct continuous fight among themselves.

The world in which children came to be is not familiar to them at all, they in confusion, do not know what now to do to them. It is clear, that not about it there were adult dreams at all yet, in fact, of children though they did not consider themselves as those any more.

What happens at them in soul? What tests wait for them?

Despite all ambiguous situation which precisely develops not in their advantage children begin to act, their most important task - to get out of a situation in which they came to be. But for this purpose they should pass many heartrending experiences connected with risk for life.

With what this fight for life will end and it will manage to children to come back home whole and safe, the one who will watch the animated film to the end learns. In spite of the fact that the plot is easily predictable, the ending really will become surprise for many.

So for whom this animated film - for children or adults is shot? Cases when persons can only watch the released animated film are frequent is more senior than sixteen years.

This animated film is intended, perhaps, first of all for the most exacting audience which it is impossible to deceive - the nursery. Good special effects and bright characters will not force any child to watch the animated film to the end if he is not interested in a plot. The adult it is important that the animated film bore positive information for the child.

What can offer this American animated film to the audience? Authors approached its creation rather responsibly and made not only original, bright, interesting adventure story about four teenagers in “Jurassic Park“, but also very instructive.

Looking at not the so children`s difficulties waiting yet not adults - can, is even slightly more senior than those who are on other side of the screen, the little viewer in some measure puts himself to the place of heroes and begins to represent that he would make or as if arrived in a similar situation.

Though the animated film belongs to a fantasy genre, it is impossible to call completely it that as in it there are many moments taken from “real“ life.

On all seventy one minute, namely the picture lasts so much, the viewer completely plunges into the events on the screen and by that, without noticing, becomes the direct participant of history.

It is possible to claim with confidence that the animated film is ideally suited for family viewing. To kids, perhaps, the deep meaning put in a plot basis will not be up to the end clear, and notorious special effects and colourful landscapes can draw their attention, but for a while. Therefore this animated film should be offered for viewing to the viewer is slightly more senior - to preschool children and school students.

Adults should not be surprised if after what was seen in the animated film the child asks to buy it dinosaurs or the collection of house drawings will be replenished with the new series based on the received impressions. Here already business by one viewing will not manage.