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“The ideal Stone“

the Stone blocks
the Stone blocks was applied to 20 - ykh years 20 - go centuries. Today comes back to fashion again, but not on the carriageway, and in private gardens and on walking paths. Now in modern areas of the street and sidewalks are paved by a stone blocks that not only it is beautiful, but also is positive from the economic point of view. The stone blocks will serve not just decade, and, century. It will give to your site or a garden a careful and elite look. It is perfectly combined with environment and the site will look on European cozy and esthetic. Brick steps and brick tile. Brick steps and a tile will serve not one decade. Thanks to specialized clay and temperature of roasting over 1100 degrees, the necessary hardness and firmness is reached. Also at the expense of special coverings the antiskid effect is reached that it is obviously important a factor. To use a tile it is allowed both for external and for internal finishing works. Key advantages of brick steps and tile, it is the fortress, wear resistance and tolerance to differences of temperatures. At production add the crushed stone, gravel with addition of the shading substances for achievement of necessary color without loss of physical properties to an artificial stone. For increase in invulnerability to frosts, resistance to attrition and other properties, producers in various combinations is added all these components. If there is a need for hydrophobic properties of a stone, then and it is not a problem. Therefore water-repellent parts, and also special water-repellent coverings are developed. Not to distinguish an artificial stone from the present, the buildings decorated by it are protected from an adverse effect and look stylishly. But on it its application is not limited. The facing stone is also used for decoration of rooms. Walls, interroom apertures, floor, sinks, fireplaces and many other things in combination with a stone, will allow you to disclose temper of your house and to diversify an interior. In landscaping the artificial stone is besides applied. On your site you can give a unique look to the pool, a pond, an arbor, a bed, to lay out a path or to decorate gate. At the expense of the used materials from which make an artificial stone from here it turns out rather easy that simplifies its installation. Even when using “ liquid nails “ you will have no problems with installation, and forces you will save a huge number. Thanks to introduction of new technologies to production, an artificial stone it is capable to be used in severe weather conditions. Decorative elements there are many decorative elements. Beginning from window sills, finishing with capstones. The house, with such elements, looks a whole and stylish. It is possible to diversify not only the house and its facade, but also pools, gate and other. Quite so, you unconventionally will show special style of the house.
as decorative elements, the most popular are:
- Borders. If you conceived to decorate your garden, then borders the fact that it is necessary for you. Thereof the site looks finished.
- Capstones and rounds of arches and windows. Rounds decorate windows on your facade, making impression of the ancient castle, and capstones are similar on family the coat of arms, you in the right to put the family crest or a monogram, thereby making full impression that it is your lock.
- Eaves. They began to be used still long ago, with thanks to them you can give to the house an antique look, classical or strict. Serve not only as decorative part, but also carry out protective function, ogorozhdy from hit of insects in a crack on walls. Sometimes, that eaves close communications, seams, and other injuries of a facade.
- Rustovy stones and ogolovka for fences and columns. Are used for decoration of facades and columns. Thanks to rustovy stones you can give to the house strict English style, having finished the first floor and corners of the house. Ogolovkami you will be able to reach imitation of a fortification as though your house the real fortress.