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You want to change the destiny? Then make the decision right now! Think and grow rich!

will seem you it absurdity, but actually thoughts - veshchestvenna. The thought is a thing, and quite powerful. If to support thoughts with burning desire and persistence, it is possible to realize them into wealth or other material objects. Many people were convinced, the fact that can Think and grow rich is how right . The success comes to the one who thinks of success. Defeat comes to the one who dares to think of defeat All world achievements began with Idea and pretend to be of Burning desire it in life!

Each child, reaching a certain age and understanding how large role is played by money in the modern world, dreams of wealth. But the thought, in itself, does not bring money. From that day when the person begins to understand value of money, he wants that they at it were not translated. But to want - does not mean to have. Only the passionate desire of wealth passing into a fixed idea, only planning of concrete ways and means of its achievement, only implementation of plans with the persistence which is not recognizing defeat one fine day will make you to the rich. The thought is only the first step. Further the Idea , a trace Desire follows . To wish means to hold a definite purpose, the accurate action plan in the head, and also to hold the ground until Desire turns into Reality .

The method by means of which the person will be able to change the financial position consists of six simple steps:

The first. Determine by

for yourself the exact sum of money which you want to have. Money loves the account - it is words, and reality.

Decide the second that you are ready to offer for the sake of implementation of the purpose (time, work etc.) . There is no such thing “which - that is unknown for what“.

The third Determine by

terms to within one day.

The fourth

Make the accurate plan and as soon as you are ready, carry out it.

The fifth Express to

all above points one phrase. At you has to it will turn out approximately so: “I want to earn $100 000 for half a year, selling the pictures“.

The sixth

Read this phrase aloud every day! You have to represent yourself already achieved the objectives!

Vera is such condition of spirit which can be reached by means of auto-suggestion. Statements which are given below need to be read several times a day.

Belief - a launch pad for accumulation of wealth!

Belief - a basis of all “miracles“ and all secrets which no science can explain!

Belief - the only known antidote from misfortune!

Belief - the element condensing vibration of thoughts and turning it into a spiritual, and then and physical equivalent.

Belief - the only intermediary thanks to whom the Highest force helps the person.

The operated belief forces any thought to vibrate from tension. You can rise by unattainable height, having inspired with power of the acquired self-confidence. Connecting to any of feelings, our thoughts form “magnetic field“ which attracts similar thoughts, objects and the phenomena.

Dreams come true when the desire becomes action. You ask from life of much - and a lot of things will give life to you. The person interested to win has to burn all the boats, cut all ways to retreat. Only this way it is possible to keep the burning desire of a victory very important for success. Remember that all who came to the finish the first, began with false start. The turning point in life usually coincided at them with a certain crisis from which they already recovered others.

In more detail about all this you will read in Napoleon Hill`s book “Think and Grow rich“. If you want to learn how to overcome all barriers and to find success, read this remarkable book. Many years it was the best-seller in the USA and sustained 42 editions there. Napoleon Hill`s book shakes by vital energy. You will find the accurate plan of how to succeed in life in it.