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What would the world culture do without rossiysko - Soviet “tyranny“?

the Imperial mode was not sugar - Jews and other persecuted minorities left abroad. During civil war and at the Soviet power representatives of the former exclusive classes and dissidents or ran, or were sent forcibly. At democrats the economy drives Russians in evropeysko - a shtatovsky window. it was

A for world culture … the benefit. Many from left became people very provided. I will tell only the most known names.


Mikhail Chekhov was born

in 1891 in St. Petersburg, in 1928 went to Germany. The founder of the American actor`s school which there passed Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Anthony Kuinn, Yul Brynner, Lloyd Bridges and many other Hollywood stars.

Magnificent Chris from the movie “Magnificent Seven“ Yul Brynner (Yuli Borisovich Brynner) was born in 1920 in Vladivostok. In 1927 with mother left to Harbin, and is later in the USA.

Marina Vladi (Ekaterina Marin Vladimirovna of Polyakov - Baydarova) was born in 1938 in V. V. Polyakov`s family - Baydarov, the actor of opera theaters of Paris Monte - Carlo, the Muscovite who moved to France during World War I.

We will call still soloists of the ballet Anna Pavlova, Vaclav Nizhinsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev ; singers of Alexander Vertinsky (the truth, come back) and Fedor Shalyapin`s .


Charles Aznavour (Shakhnur Vakhinak Aznavuryan) was born

in 1924 in Paris in a family of the Armenian emigrants who went to France in 1922 from vzbalamuchenny Tiflis.

Rachmaninov S. V. was born in 1873. in the Novgorod province - the Russian composer, the outstanding pianist - the virtuoso. In 1917 left Russia.

Stravinsky I. F. was born in 1882 in Oranienbaum - the Russian composer, the conductor and the pianist. In 1914 left to Switzerland. After revolution did not return.

and M. Rostropovich all know about G. Vishnevskaya.


was born

of Bakst L. S. in 1866 in Grodno. Left Russia in 1909 on “the Jewish line“.

Benois A. N. was born in 1870 in St. Petersburg. Left in 1926. Achievements of the Russian painters exerted impact on the European theater. In this area the Russian artists - emigrants introduced new understanding of problems of decorative art, they were invited willingly to cooperation by the most different theaters.

Among hundreds of painters who left the Russia / the USSR: Kabakov I. I., Kandinsky V. V., Chagall M. Z., Serebryakova Z. E., Soutine H. Page, Shemyakin M. M. and so on.


Brodsky I. A. , the Russian and American poet, the Nobel Prize laureate (NP) on literature of 1987 was born in 1940 in Leningrad. In 1972 deprived of the Soviet nationality took off from Leningrad along the route ordered to the Jewish emigration for Vienna. Lived in the USA.

Bunin I. A. , the Russian writer, the poet, the winner of NP in literature for 1933 was born in 1870 in Voronezh. In 1920 emigrated to France.

Nabokov V. V. , was born in 1899 in St. Petersburg, the Russian and American writer. In 1919 Nabokov` family left Russia.

Solzhenitsyn A. I. , the winner of NP in literature for 1970 was born in 1918 in Kislovodsk. In 1974 it is sent from the USSR. Lived in the USA till 1994. From there through Magadan and Vladivostok returned home.

Scientists and engineers

of Apricots of A. A. , sort. in 1928. in Moscow - the Soviet and American physicist, the winner of NP in physics for 2003, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Pupil L. D. Landau. In 1991 accepted the invitation of Argonnsky national laboratory in Illinois and moved in the USA. In 1999 accepted the American nationality.
of Dins of G. A. , sort. in 1904 in Odessa - the Soviet and American physicist - the theorist. In 1933 left the USSR, having become “defector“. In 1940 obtained citizenship of the USA.
A. K. Game , sort. in 1958 in Sochi - the Soviet and British physicist, the winner of NP in physics of 2010 (together with K. Novoselov), known in as one of pioneers of a decanter. In 1990 on a grant of the English royal society left the USSR. Since 2001 works at the Manchester university.
Ipatyev V. N. , sort. in 1867 in Moscow - the Russian and American chemist - an organik, the general - the lieutenant of the Russian army, the specialist in explosives. Since 1930 in the USA, “defector“. He is considered one of founders of petrochemistry in the USA.
Smith S. S. , sort. in 1901 in Pinsk - the American economist. The winner of NP in economy for 1971. In 1922 emigrated to the USA.
Leontyev V. V. , sort. in Munich (according to other data in St. Petersburg) - the American economist, the winner of NP in economy for 1973. Grew in Petrograd in a family of professor of economic sciences V. V. Leontyev. In 1925 graduated from the Leningrad university. In 1931 moved to the USA.
of New settlers of K. S. , sort. in 1974 in Nizhny Tagil - the Russian and British physicist. The winner of NP in physics of 2010 (together with A. Geym). In 1999 moved to the Netherlands, and then in 2001 in the Manchester university.
Prigozhin I. R. , sort. in 1917 in Moscow - Belgian the physicist - the chemist, the winner of NP in chemistry of 1977. In 1921 the family emigrated from the Soviet Russia.
Sikorsky I. I. , sort. in 1889 in Kiev - the Russian and the American aircraft designer. Creator first-ever: in 1914 the passenger plane “Ilya Muromets“, in 1942 the serial helicopter of the USA. In 1918 Sikorsky through Arkhangelsk left Russia.
Sklodovskaya - M.`s Curie , a sort. in 1867 in Warsaw (Russian Empire) - polsko - the physicist`s French - the chemist. Twice winner of NP: on physics for 1903 and in chemistry for 1911

Ya I do not tell about passengers known “ philosophical “ the steamships which took out from Petrograd to Stettin more than 160 people.

In Israel more than one million citizens - natives of USSR / Russia, including M. Begin and G. Meir.

In general the number of the Russian diaspora exceeds 25 million people (an assessment the Russian Foreign Ministry).

For Russia this movement in open the European window leaf was … the benefit. The West got acquainted with its culture, and now actively exploits our compatriots. Thus, the popular belief that many Russian experts goes abroad only presently for work is, to put it mildly, conscientious delusion.