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B one of the most picturesque places among the dense woods and the earing fields on both sides of the road the small village comfortably settled down. It was stretched afar on several kilometers: then, there are small lodges. You go on the road, and it seems that ahead here and there houses still will meet, and them is that already and is not present... All. The village - that already also ended... If all of you decide to pass on the road still of kilometers six - seven, then will appear in the small and cozy Russian town.

They say that in old times Cossacks to whom spacious lands and local free life had on temper came first to these regions. People and now in these parts live hardworking, proud, hospitable and cheerful. Such is it, the Russian person!
of Those who since the childhood got used to hard country work our mother will always feed and will support - the earth, only work, be not lazy!
On both sides of the road lived in this village two sisters, there were they not young people any more: aunt Valya and aunt Marusya. The aunt Valya lived with parents earlier, she did not marry therefore she lived alone now. And the aunt Marusya married still absolutely very young girl in nineteen years. The guy got to it both beautiful, and hard-working. One by one two sons were born at them. When to the eldest son also five years were not executed, the fallen tree in the wood crushed the aunt Marusya`s husband. To death.
Is very difficult to do in the village without strong male hands. The village is not the city, here it is necessary both to plow the earth, and firewood to pin, and to a cow for the winter to mow down Sena, much still what needs to be done what to the woman sometimes simply not on forces will be. The aunt Marusya and remained to live alone, one it lifted sons, tried very much that everything at them was not worse, than “at people“. Andrey and Timofey called her sons. The senior, Andrey, after service in Army settled to work in Serpukhov situated near Moscow where married and remained to live. And youngest - Timosha, got a job the driver in collective farm and remained to live with mother. The guy it was though where: dark-haired, stately, always with a smile. The aunt Marusya hardly waited, while he will become staid: the guy walked completely, often coming home only at daybreak. However in September he announced mothers suddenly that he is going to marry. Next day Timofey acquainted mother with future daughter-in-law. The girl very much was pleasant to mother. She was called Katya, it was the average height, a dense constitution, nice, it is even possible to tell beautiful that special rural beauty which you will not often meet in the city. The look of the girl was inquisitive and clever, in her will power and some internal, sincere beauty was felt.
Celebrated a wedding. Young people decided to live with Timofey`s mother. The daughter-in-law settled to work to the dining room, and in the evening and on the weekend helped the aunt Marusya about the house. There passed year, and she gave birth to the firstborn - the girl whom called Nadj. In a year the second daughter - Oksana was born. And then, after them, the wife presented to the husband one more daughter - Alesya. Katerina very much loved children, she considered that in their family there has to be much, as in a saying: “the family is seven I“. Katerina very hardly appeared to live with the husband, he liked and to drink, and to descend even more “on left“ - to take a walk. Together with the mother-in-law she searched for it, tipsy, at local drunkards more than once. Once someone from neighbors prompted to them that Timofey has a good time in the neighboring village. Women immediately went there, found the house where the son and the husband drank and walked. When they knocked at a door, to them towards there was an uncombed and drunk woman with a black eye. Behind her back in the house music rattled and drunk man`s and female voices reached. The party went to all. Drunk asked: To you what?“ . They told that came to take away Timofey home. The woman looked at the evil on them and closed a door under the very nose. Upset and angry, mother and the daughter-in-law came back home. Having waited when Timofey returns, they arranged him such scolding that he for a long time forgot about binge and parties...
in a family was Earlier only one cow, now they got the second cow, a horse, a pig with pigs. Behind the house there was a big meadow - pashas how many you will be able, plant potatoes, rye, vegetables, be only not lazy... On a family council parents declared to children that they decided to bring one more child. They gave birth to the boy who is decided to be called Pavlik. Parents earned with
not a lot of money, but when it was necessary to get large purchase, pinned up a pig, and sold meat in the market in the city. Once the grown-up little girls, it was for 8 - 10 years, asked parents to buy the tape recorder. In the evening when all family gathered on kitchen at supper, it was solved: parents will pin up a pig, and on the money obtained from sale of meat and fat they will buy the best Japanese tape recorder for children. And made. Girls very much rejoiced to purchase, and next day incurred the tape recorder to neighbors that those could listen to fashionable songs too. When senior, Nadia, bore the tape recorder back, slipped on ice near the gate and fell... When it fell, the tape recorder slipped out its children`s handles, fell to ice and broke...
of the Girl stood on the street, held the broken tape recorder in hand and cried bitter tears. They brought the tape recorder to the house, included, but it, unfortunately, did not work any more. Next day the father brought it to the city, to a workshop, but he was told that the equipment is not subject to restoration.
Mother did not abuse children, she saw how they worry, and thought - it will be necessary to pin up one more pig... what to do here when there were such here contingencies. The husband, for the sake of appearances having a little grumbled a little, agreed. And in a week the joyful family listened to songs of Kirkorov, Pugacheva and other singers and musicians.
Mother was strict with children, she accustomed them to work, but was at the same time and tender, penetrated into all their problems and the arising questions. The family under its management became very amicable, girls loved each other and parents, and especially younger brother. Mother never dared to allocate someone from children, she treated all exactly, all children for her were equally loved and desired. Children felt it each section of the body, and were happy. Her husband Timofey became staid over time, became more serious, he found all free time for a family now.
Once, it was long ago when Timofey still the young guy carefree met the girls living in neighboring villages, from it the girl from the remote village became pregnant. He also saw - that it several times all. The little girl was too available to guys, liked to drink... When she declared to it the pregnancy, he was simply stunned, did not show special pleasure, and promised nothing to the girl. And in two weeks he heard that she married. He was only glad to it: the problem was removed by itself.
Later, somewhere in a year, he incidentally learned from acquaintances that at this woman the girl was born. Means, it has one more daughter, senior. Timofey decided to leave everything as is, let live especially as the woman`s husband did not guess anything. However in this family everything was not so simple: the husband and the wife drank, they did not wish to work, they had no household... Even a kitchen garden they did not sit down. They did not have enough money catastrophically, but always were on binge. Once, having fairly touched alcohol, the husband of this woman died under wheels of the passing car... And the woman began to drink even more, she absolutely fell. Having learned about all this, Timofey right there went to them. The first that he saw, having entered the house, there was a dirt and neglect reigning there. In kitchen on a floor the drunk woman in whom it hardly recognized the former acquaintance reclined. The tear-stained dark-haired little girl of years of eleven very similar to it sat at a table. He asked the girl, what is her name. She answered: “Tonja.“ Timofey allocated for
the girl to other room where as could, being confused and reddening, told it that he in youth was familiar with her mother, and then she married other person. At the end of the narration Timofey nevertheless decided and told the girl that she is his daughter. The girl perplexed stayed several minutes, then as if having come round, rushed on Timofey`s breast with words: “The folder, take away me, please, from here! Take away, I with it will not live!“. The father told the girl that she gathered. Before leaving, they approached drunk mother. The girl told it that she leaves to live to the father. Mother cried: “Go away! Good riddance of bad rubbish!“. When they already closed behind themselves a door, heard that the woman asks to drink...
the Father brought the daughter to himself home. When they entered, the wife, mother and children with astonishment looked at them... Timofey called mother and the wife to other room, there he told them as as was. It finished the narration with words: “So Tonja is my native daughter. Now she will live at us. In total.“ The wife and mother silently listened to his story. So it turned out that with the girl`s mother Timofey a was sign till a marriage, to everything. And, the main thing, the girl is very similar to the father... What now to do? The child, in effect, is not guilty of anything...
of the First recovered the man`s mother, she told: “Let the girl lives with us. “ Timofey very much was surprised and delighted when his wife approached him closer, perplexed slightly - slightly smiled and spoke: “What you will do here, Timofey. The child - that is not guilty of anything. Now we will have one more daughter.“
As if a stone was got off the back at the man! As he was glad that mother, and, the main thing - the wife, understood it and supported in this trouble. What miracle was his wife! She not only managed to keep a family in their first years of joint life when he that is called played tricks... What he was a fool! As he did not notice at once that god gave it the best woman on light, the beauty and the hostess.
gradually and not at once explained to Children that it is their sister, and now she will live with them. The senior little girls first not absolutely understood and accepted the sister, but later when they saw that parents treat her absolutely as well as them: with love, with caress, with care, they gradually thawed and completely accepted the new sister in heart.
in a family was Now five children: four girls and boy. They together grew, helping the friend the friend with study, and mother on economy. Katerina never regretted that she took the husband`s daughter in the family: the girl was very good, obedient, and, gains at them to a family about half a year, it became just as her real daughter. And still a bit later Tonja began to call the foster mother mother. Neighbors, looking at them, envied: what big and very close-knit family!
When senior of children, Tonja, was executed fifteen years, the trouble came to their family: someone set fire to their house at night... Fire was engaged from a corridor, the caustic smoke began to cloud everything around when the first Timofey woke up. It jumped from a bed, shouting: “Fire!!!“ woke the family. Adults and children, in nightgowns and pajamas, hardly managed to jump out of the flaring house. All escaped, on the house burned down in some 15 - 20 minutes. There were only sheds with hay and cattle which stood a little at some distance from the house.
to Lose a shelter over the head - what can be more bitter loss for a family, especially for a big family?! It was necessary to build the new house urgently. The collective farm allocated the wood for construction of the new house, they took the credit in bank. Than could, neighbors helped. The summer and fall passed in construction efforts, and by winter the family was installed to the new house. Though in the house still there were many subquality work, there was not enough furniture and other objects of use, all were simply happy. Children tried to help parents, than only could: they helped to paint floors, glued wall-paper, placed furniture. Neighbors, looking at this big and very close-knit family, in an amicable way envied them. And how here not to envy: at one, or, at best two children with whom they could not cope plainly...
... In one of spring sunny and hot days all family gathered at the holiday table: they celebrated birthday of Tony, the sixteen-anniversary. Tonja, smiling, listened to congratulations from mother, the father, sisters and the brother. It was sincerely happy that the destiny brought it into this family where it was accepted as native. She got up, looked at the foster mother, smiled and told: “I want to tell many thanks of the mother who brought up all of us, for her love and big heart which part she shared with us.“