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Whether it is necessary to be engaged in house conservation?

Summer … The height of the season of summer preparations for the winter. Most of hostesses already turned the kitchen in small fruit - vegetable warehouse and with might and main cooks jam and salts cucumbers. And someone considers it as waste of time, preferring to buy fabulously expensive and “artificial“ fresh vegetables or ready roll-in in shops. Is it worth devoting time to summer conservation?

In our family of roll-in and a zakrutka were always tradition. Annually, when there came the season, the bathroom was filled with water and filled up with cucumbers, and the kitchen was forced by pans, vyvarka and bowls with the fragrant, cooling-down jam which always wanted to be eaten still hot and before it gets to banks. And still - pomidorka, vegetable salads, compotes … It is so much tastiness without which it is impossible to present a winter feast! Solenye to potato, pilaf, meat … And jam with tea for a dessert - the obligatory program. But obligatory as it appeared, not for all.

Many girls and women with whom I got acquainted already at the age of reason anything similar as it appeared, are not engaged. In - the first, it is elementary - laziness. Why to spend so much time and forces if it is possible to go and buy all necessary in a supermarket? In - the second, there is not enough will power to force itself to arrange zakatochny marathons during the heat. Besides, the majority of them has mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law (God grant to them health!) which supply with a necessary minimum of tinned delicacies.

Personally my opinion - to be able to roll up elementary vegetables and fruit each hostess respecting herself has to be able. It was interesting to learn that others think of it. Having interrogated about one hundred friends and acquaintances, I understood that voices of pros and cons of house conservation undressed about 85 / 15%.

So, - a pickles were distinguished from the main pluses of cookings:

Financial benefit - in shop salty cucumbers, tomatoes and jams stand, at least, three times more expensively.

Confidence that in bank - all is valid natural, washed and tasty. Unfortunately, the producer of such guarantees will not give you, and on a label all truth is not always written.

Tasting house roll-in, you not only please the flavoring receptors, but also feel care and love of those hands which created it.

If is not roll-in as an independent dish or snack, it all the same is always necessary for preparation of other dishes: a tomato - for borsch, salty cucumbers - for a rassolnik or Russian salad, and jam and jam - for pies, puffs, pancakes and fritters.

during cold of the best and more natural febrifugal, than raspberry jam, it is simple not to find.

In shop does not have such variety what can be thought up on home cuisine.

Purchased everything - not such tasty.

Among minuses opponents of roll-in noted the following:

This occupation is heritage of the USSR, and modern people if “pulled on salty“, quite are able to afford to buy couple of cans in shop.

to Buy roll-in in shop - much more simply and quicker, than to prepare independently.

the Digested vegetables and fruit lose vitamins. What sense in them? It is better to freeze.

can quite replace Jam to tea with cakes and chocolates.

it is better for span to spend time Released from roll-in on itself and a family. in

Of course to be engaged or not to be engaged in house conservation - an individual matter of taste and an option of everyone. But pluses (personally at me) turned out more …