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Every day we are obliged to make the choice. Beginning from insignificant what shirt to put on, to so large-scale that if to make wrong, consider life will go not on that track any more. Here treat definition of in the adult world large-scale elections, definition of the profession meet these elections bulk of seniors. This choice so difficult happens to make that many are depressed, see in the future life only series of gray, sad everyday life. Some, especially desperate, go on a suicide. But a suicide - the choice of spineless, drop weak in spirit. What life bad would not be, it it is worth living.

Having realized that was chosen not by that HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, never late to start everything from scratch and to test in other path. Yes, time will be in vain wasted, but life in itself is infinite search of in this world. And to make mistakes during a way dozvolitelno, only you study as them. For 100% you will be never confident in whether you made the correct choice then, in early youth, in years seventeen when you, the creator of the destiny, attributed or on the contrary were not attributed by any subject for Unified State Examination. It how to ask a question of the happiness. Happens, the drizzle will fleetingly fly in the head: Whether “I am happy?“, will so quickly fly that honor and it is not noticeable, but the subconsciousness, involuntarily, you begin to be dripped, look for the answer. At first, you will answer so surely, yes sir and it is indisputable that you are the happiest person on the planet Earth. And then, there will pass some time, will think quietly, sadly, silently, the doubt shadow will be seeded in you, then it will begin to gnaw you and dogryzt to the fact that you will understand that for happiness you lack something, some insignificant trifle, like a fashionable bag or new boots. But, having even bought these things, all the same it is not confident in the absolute happiness. Things will never be able to make the person on truth happy … Well not about volume the speech. Generally, having faced a problem of the choice of the next way, the teenager begins to rush about from one profession to another. Economist, actor, nuclear physicist, artist eventually. All the same from these throwings is not present to sense at all. Some choose professions which are well paid, but do not look at the opportunities at all. They are not interested in this work, only money at all. Money, as well as things, only create illusion of happiness and tranquility. But in soul …, in soul they are not quiet. But it is their choice, their way.

But even these, the mistaken, greedy, rushing about from one profession to another school students it is far cleverer, arrive more correctly, than those who do not think of the future at all. These “the people who are not thinking about tomorrow“, as a rule, do not differ in special thirst for knowledge, to them to spit on education, they do not fight for the place in the sun, creating some abstract illusions that there will always be everything as now. Now they are young and happy, happy because more do not think of the happiness, they almost it what it is worth thinking of, do not think of anything. Sometimes you envy them. They have neither sleeplessness, nor depressions, at them everything is excellent. Here only degrade, but it is a real trifle which eclipses shining, unlimited any moral standards happiness. There are no thoughts, there are no problems, one ideal happiness.