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Love or Career?

Each person in the life endures such turning point when he does not know how to it to be how to arrive in this or that situation, and asks a question: how to me to live further?

It is good if the graduate already initially knows what he wants, that is he already has certain interests, preferences, respectively he has a purpose. But often there are such situations (as, for example, was in we wash a case) when the person just himself does not know what he wants from life, and rushes about from one profession to another.

And I rushed about from the stewardess to the geologist, from fitness - the instructor to the guide and, as a result, stopped on journalism. It would seem, the problem is solved, but, unfortunately, where one comes to an end, another appears: I fell in love.

The adult, whether it be any teacher on whom I consulted, whether it be my parents - all with a grin ask: and in what here a problem?! And a problem in the following: I consider that for successful self-realization I, naturally, need to get a good education in one of the best higher educational institutions of the country (not for nothing I diligent tried 11 years and studied well). Unfortunately, in our city there are no such opportunities and prospects as in big cities, and the only exit for me - to leave. But how it is possible just to pack at once the things and to leave when there is a person who keeps me in this city?!

Most of close people advise (generally adult) not to reflect and not to doubt even at all - to choose study. And many explain it with the fact that “all the same we will leave“, and at me is “one million more such will be“. Well or the most widespread phrase - “wait, still student`s life will begin! “, of course, I understand

Ya that adults already passed through all this, as they at all in youth had “a love of all life“ which, most likely, quickly ended, but why they consider that in my case everything will be also frivolous, transient and unrealizable as at them?! Why they judge by themselves? Often there are such cases when “the children`s love“ develops into the serious relations and then is fixed by the marriage union.

Among advisers were also such who offered me alternative options of a solution. One of such - “let your young man will go with you“. Undoubtedly, I would only be glad, but my young man has an important reason, for which he cannot leave the city …, for

the Next “compromise“ solution proposed to me there was a correspondence course, but also this idea me not really pleased. Think: what of me the journalist will turn out?! And the extramural studies are not study at all. It would be very offensive for me, quite capable, purposeful personality all school days to aspire to the unique purpose - to enter to the prestigious UNIVERSITY moreover and on the budgetary basis, and then in a flash to bury the dream. I will repeat - not for this purpose I tried 11 years.

Eventually how many advised me, my problem remains a problem also today, and the compromise solution is not found by me.

Of course, clear, it is very heavy to maintain the relations at distance, it is almost impossible, but it depends only on two people, me and my young man. Perhaps, it will be so-called check of the relations, maybe, life will dispose so that we will not be together - it is already happy-go-lucky: everything will be just as it is provided by destiny.

Anyway, I know one: only I can construct the future, and only to me solve what it will be. I am a hostess of the life, and, whatever choice I made, first of all, I will listen only to myself. And the right this choice will be or not - will show time.

Today many endure a similar situation. At many the soul is devastated. Many have a deadlock situation …

However want to tell you, my friends on so “important“ problem: “Trust the darlings, trust their feelings, trust in the forces. Dare, submit the immense horizons of life. And life, or destiny, by all means will award courageous, going forward!