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Excursion from the United Arab Emirates in Musandam Dibba of a sulatanat Oman. What it is necessary to take with itself to the tourist?

On the one hand, time are rapid. Eras, governors change. One generations leave, they are restricted by others. Only in the childhood, perhaps, each lived year brings joy: we will become adults soon! During an excursion trip on the peninsula Masandam to the town of Dibba of the Sultanate of Oman the tourist adjoins to a little unusual measurement of time: it as though stiffened!

Lifeless light color of the mountain, with frequent floods of red layers of magma, tower over the Gulf of Oman, as well as millions years ago. The most important in excursion to Oman is to see virgin and untouched a civilization the Nature. Here you feel that primitive fear that was tested by our ancestors - Neanderthal men before severity and beauty of ancient mountains. Here it is possible to get to a cave where water of absolutely turquoise color, and the cool is natural and gentle. Our ancestors lived in caves because it was ideal “fortress“ for protection against predators, bad weather, from invasion of enemies from other tribe, and I am every time when it appear in a cave, I feel a certain tranquility.

Excursion in Massandam Dibba to the Sultanate of Oman from Races - Ale - Hayma starts with morning, somewhere in 8 - 30. The bus is lucky tourists across the territory of the United Arab Emirates not for long, maybe, of kilometers 60, then still kilometers 30 across the territory of the Sultanate of Oman. Along the road at first there is a monotonous landscape of the Arab desert, but is already closer to Oman ways are followed by majestic and just delightful ridges. The road winds between them, coils as a body of a snake, and looking from a bus window, you see the whole walls from rocks. The feeling is created that now from - for mountains suddenly there will be a giant Gulliver and a huge gait will step through tops.

An hour later the bus approaches border with Oman where the tourist will be met by the Omani frontier guard. Sideways from it quite ragged box, is “office“ building, actually, customs. From a shoulder at the guard of border the long automatic machine hangs down.

Council: prepare for the passport in advance . Also take with yourself in advance, before departure on excursion, the copy of the visa in the United Arab Emirates . On a border check-point representatives of the Omani authorities will verify your face with a photo in your main document, will look at the visa that put directly in the passport at entry into the United Arab Emirates, and still will clumsily read your surname. Having caught it, nod, tell something like the “EU“ (Yes).

Further tourists follow already across the territory of Oman. You will at once plunge into the atmosphere of true provinciality. Deserted small streets of tiny settlements, goats steal a march, there are no cars, the movement any.

Here the bus arrives to the fish market. Here life of local population depends on a catch. The Gulf of Oman, in fact, is the Indian Ocean, it is filled with its waves and living creatures. Passing by the market, pay attention to huge mesh traps for crabs. Look narrowly at networks that are scattered here everywhere and just huge sizes.

The fish market begins to work with 15 - 00, and it is one of the main events in life of locals. To look at a catch both children, and tourists, and gray-haired old men are flown down. Here I saw in the evening and fish - a sword, and the shark who is just caught the average sizes, and even fish - a hammer. The smell of fish is carried on kilometers. What is remarkable: right there meters in twenty from fish disorders the only gas station on tens of kilometers is made. There is such neighbourhood: oil products and right there - still half-dead fresh fish.

From the fish market by the big two-storeyed boat tourists go to gulf waters. The way lies along the coast. In mountains there are practically no highways. All passenger and freight traffic between small villages that were stretched at the foot of ancient mountains, goes on water. By boats. Boats. Inflatable boats.

So, tourists drift along the coast and stare at the most fancy ridges. By the boat the personnel give huge pillows, they can be laid directly on a floor and to sunbathe. Russian-speaking guides will tell in detail that here for mountains what features of the country of Oman as the states what can be done here and what is not necessary.

I advise in advance, in hotel, to prepare a swimwear, to take the mask and the call for swimming. Stick together flippers. Or rather, densely to enclose them the friend in the friend. I carry all the with myself! But if there is no equipment, then the team of the boat exposes the whole tank with masks, flippers, tubes for breath, and everyone can use all this free of charge. But nevertheless gigiyenichny will be.

The equipment is waiting in the wings, and the boat with floats to smooth water (the fjord - the long passage among rocks), and here tourists can be bought about an hour in a surprising lagoon. It is possible to jump in water directly from a board, desperate do it from a handrail of the second floor. It is high and terrible to jump from there in water, but daredevils will always be! Pay attention that at the rock opposite to the place where you will throw an anchor, corals at the bottom expanded. Here schools of fishes go. Carefully : do not step at all on huge sea hedgehogs at whom length of black thorns reaches about ten centimeters. Swim on a surface. If in Russia you are pricked in the wood by a hedgehog, it is nonsense. But the sea hedgehog on the coast of the Gulf of Oman is a severe pain, an inflammation, need of presence of physicians etc.

of One of excursion highlights in Massandam Dibba there will be an opportunity to rush on the high-speed boat on a water smooth surface of the Indian Ocean at a sentimental speed. It will occur when tourists are carried to watch an ancient cave. That that with turquoise water. The boat drives really quickly, and there is a wish to place hands, to fly up as the plane! Then we reduce speed also the helmsman, skillfully maneuvring between narrow walls of an entrance to a cave as the real valet of cars in Las - Vegas, swims in directly under the massive rock. Cave! The arches of walls to which, probably, millions of years, hang over tourists. Here takes the breath away from primitive beauty of a stone. Here cool and humidity.

Upon return back on the boat to the tourist, already tired and hungry, offer a tasty lunch. At the end of a trip the crew arranges on the deck the improvised trade in small souvenirs in memory of visit of Oman. Accept for payment both dirhams, and euro, and dollars...

Summary: excursion in Musandam Dibba the Sultanate of Oman is remembered for a long time. Such silent and virgin beauty as here, it is necessary to look on the planet Earth.