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Money. Than to allure them?

In each collective are the Marya Ivanovna - the most valuable well of councils for all occasions. Somehow on the eve of a holiday we with the employee suffered the question “Where to Take Money?“. Marya Ivanovna with a smile listened to conversation. All of us knew that she never on credit asked, did not complain of a lack of money, though did not luxuriate.

- Means, you are able to live, - I blurted out on one breath, having read it think.
- is possible and so, but more likely I am able to handle money and to attract them in the purse.
We in confusion exchanged glances.
- is fine, persuaded, - she took pity generous. - In everything there are certain rules. There are they and in the questions connected with money.

1. Never tell strangers how many you earn. Money is an energy. It easily gives in to a malefice.

2. The empty purse can frighten off money. Never spend everything “to kopek“, otherwise finance will cease to come to you. Divide the general earnings of your family into several parts. Put a half in a purse on vital expenses, carry part of a salary in bank for accumulation. Only not on “rainy day“! Call this sum “safety cushion“. The others let lie at home on an emergency. Of course, it is desirable to give “tithe“ from total income on charity, but with your income to speak about it early so far. Though it is possible to distribute alms or to buy toys in orphanage, books for the children`s developing center and so forth to

3. Money is not loved avaricious and poor. Be not afraid of wealth. It is not a shame.

4. And still - you do not pass by money on the street. Respect them. Lift kopek, thank for it and put in a purse. It has to be expensive and tidy. And notes in a purse - exactly put.

Here and all knowledge. And further - all in your hands. Yes, forgot to tell that I share information, but I do not give consultations, - she winked and at once forgot about conversation.

There passed two months, and Marya Ivanovna herself returned to it.
- Little girls, how are you doing? - asked somehow in a lunch break, with appetite biting off from a big piece of hot pizza. - Learned my lesson?
We with the employee exchanged glances and shrugged shoulders.
- is clear. You, seemingly, are chronically not lucky with finance. Perhaps matter in your purses? Forgot to tell last time that for success and the purse has to be “correct“.

The employee imperceptibly twisted a finger at a temple. But at that moment I was not on its party. There was a strong wish to learn that the “correct“ purse means? And happen, leaves, wrong?

Marya Ivanovna finished having a snack and, having blissfully leaned back on a chair back, began to share subtleties of financial good luck.

- What is a purse? Storage of money. Means, its appearance can both push away them, and to attract. Here everything is simple: what color of a coin or the note, the purse has to be it also. Means - gold, silver, yellow, copper etc. Red color and any its shades help to concentrate monetary energy, - it got from the big claret purse notes on 500 and 5000 rubles and turned before our noses.

- And “cold“ colors - blue or it is pale - lime I do not recommend to buy. They symbolize water, and water promotes leakage of finance. Draw conclusions.

- And dollar? It greenish color? - shy I asked and added: - Also costs one ours thirty rubles.

- It is right. But you are competent. Probably, heard that its course is not always stable. Why to us these shocks and cardiac pain? And then … - she waved with the five-thousandth note again. - Our Russian ruble is much closer - native currency. Agree?

We as obedient schoolgirls, without arranging, nodded.

- But it is not everything, - the tutor continued. - Here it is still important to determine the purse size. It has to be rather big that there was a free space for new money. And any wallets - a purse. In it notes will lie bent or put in half. And I said still last time that it is impossible to bend paper money. It leads to continuous financial losses, - she looked at the watch.

We understood that the lunch break, and together with it and useful information comes to an end.

- You remember: monetary energy loves chic, a luster and beauty. Therefore do not feel sorry for the sound old purses, create the new and beautiful house for money where to them it will be comfortable. Then the sense will appear. The Universe will receive from you a signal and how money will come to a new lodge - it you should not worry.

- Here directly so will also come? - venomously the employee asked. - I sit, I do nothing, and in a purse it is full of money. Yes?

- No, of course. Just these simple receptions will help to direct monetary energy the necessary path. And their ways can be different. For example, increase in a salary, an unexpected award, new work at you or at the husband. But it is possible and to win in a lottery. Monetary ways mysterious. For their attraction there are many tricks. Everybody is different. And you try.