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Why the country liked series “Kitchen“? Experts, of course, can break three sources and three components not of Marxism of

a spear as much as long. Both about it, and in general, without it. But here dry figures of the review placed on October 25, 2012 in Variety Russia … By the way, I will remind that the series started on STS channel on October 22 at 21:00.

I.e. figures of Variety Russia considered hire only the first two (!) series. And so, the share of the Russian audience in audience “All (from 6 to 54)“, looked the first two series of “Kitchen“, made 16,6% that lifted a share of STS TV channel in the slot “21:00 - 21:30“ by 1,57 times (from 10,6 to 16%) and brought him from the fourth place taken by it in leaders of this slot, having pressed such channels as “First“, “NTV“, “TNT“.

And what, interestingly, made series such popular?

Of course, someone can tell - money. And partly it will appear the rights. Yes, so far “Kitchen“ - the most expensive series in the history of the Russian television. More than 8 million dollars are spent for forty series of its first and second seasons. Respectively, each series “poured out“ to his creators in a round sum of 200 thousand same dollars. And if someone suddenly decides to count everything to “kopek“ - the calculator to it in hands and “Financial news“ with rates of foreign currencies in teeth. Me it somehow … Let`s tell directly, not especially. Because … Because, of course, it is good

when money is. At least because it is bad when they are absent. But, on our happiness, so far … Perhaps only when, but whether so it - will be able to show only time. Can. But when it still will be! For now money in this life solves not all. Also that guy who conceived to create these series has, no brains, hardly it would manage to spend this money so skillfully! And not just to spend, and to form on them that team which organized (process) wrote (scenario) and played (the roles) so that the viewer liked this house specialty of “STS“ and he ate it. And not just ate, and ate in pleasure. And now sits at the TV, stamps legs and shouts so that it is heard at the next entrance: “Ku - ukhnyu, ku - ukhnyu! Second season!“

A the viewer, it, as well as the guest at restaurant, is always right. And already soon, literally in several hours, the second season of “Kitchen“ will go. And then to the people will be not to articles of the Why type any more. Just because half an hour, at least, it cannot be torn off from the TV. But so far we have time to answer this most “why“. Because the fact that above (money, brains and talented team), it is only three sources of success of series.

If regarding its components, then the first - the truth, only the truth and anything except the truth.

The series speak to us about those things which we see every day around ourselves. And having seen the same from the screen, we, at least to ourselves, speak - it is the truth.

Yes, our children leave Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk or Perm. There, to Moscow. Because there not only work, but also money. Considerably big, than in our regional centers. Which did not become deserted only because to the place of our left sons and daughters there arrived foreign sons and daughters. From the regional centers or settlements where earlier not only brought down the wood, but also sawed it. To bring down, however, vznachitelno smaller volumes, bring down and now, but here saw today not at us any more. And in Finland, Sweden, Norway. Their, but not ours, sons and daughters.

Because ours so far in Moscow. But any more not all. Some of them - in Finland, Sweden. Or Ireland. In Finland, for example, not bad pay for gathering wild-growing berries. At us too berries grow. But do not pay for their collecting. Or pay, but not so much how many for gathering champignons in Ireland.

But now not about Finland or Ireland. About Moscow. In which our children live on three (and it is good if on three!) in one apartment. Because, despite high Moscow earnings to rent apartment on one is such luxury … Which not everyone is able to afford. And it - too the truth.

Just the same truth, as well as that if you have a familiar judge, then it is possible not to be afraid for the rights. Even if you took the wheel drunk, and on the way for work demolished the traffic light. Anything terrible. You have a familiar judge …

I when, looking at the screen, we understand: what to us is shown - the truth … Here then the second component of success of series appears - “I Trust!“ Accepting what to me is shown, and understanding that all this is the truth, the viewer unconditionally believes what he sees: “Yes, it, really, - here so!“ Well, who else can be the owner of restaurant how not the actor Dmitry Nagiyev?! Yes they, these actors … Or football players, hockey players!. They it bablishche row!, at Kerzhakov 300 … Three hundred million! Three hundred million charged off an account, and he only in a year noticed it …

But the truth and the belief in the truth is only two thirds from whole. Also there is no third component of success, still it is unknown and whether there was it - success - that?. Because the third component is that we look on the screen at our own life, we understand that it is the truth, we trust in this truth and … Ourselves are pleasant to ourselves. We are pleasant - with what we were shown from this screen. Here such we! We can do everything.

No, we do not partition off the river different foolish “Dneprogesami“. Also we do not launch satellites in space. What there. Not before! We should get money to put a rate … Well, so, a trifle - 100 - 200 thousand. But they should be put on result of a match of “CSKA“ - “Spartak“. Here only - where them?. And so, one may say, they already at us in a pocket. The money allocated for purchase of black caviar. Let`s buy instead of it pike, we will paint … And even if who what learns - to us for it nothing will be. - che - go! Just because in our acquaintances - not only judges. But also other owners of life. Which have the right to define - to execute or pardon. Well, and why to execute? Us. Us! Such cool. Such cool that ourselves are pleasant to ourselves. Not to mention people around.

Here such they are sources and components of success of series “Kitchen“. And I am right or not - it is easy to check. Turn on today at 20:00 the TV. Adjust it on STS channel. Also look at the first series of the second season. And behind it the second. Well, and then - draw conclusions.